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  1. It’s do-able. Check out the rp600.5. But you’d have better results running a separate mono sub amplifier and a 4 Chan for the spx components. 4 d2 woofers would wire down to .5ohm but still see close to 1ohm with box rise, as 4 d4 woofers would wire down to 1ohm but roughly 1.6-2ohm with box rise. For reference: https://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/subwoofer-wiring-diagrams.asp
  2. Just extending this out to my SMD family. If anyone needs any parts or help tracking down a particular firearm, I work for a shop out of Florida. We hold an SOT 1&2, FFL 01/02, 07, and 08 license. Dealer, manufacturer, and importer. NFA friendly via class 3 firearms, suppressors, etc. We also assist in setting up gun trusts for BATFE compliance with NFA items to avoid the CLEO route. Anything from rifles, pistols, down to little CIA pen guns. **Local and state laws would still apply to said and known serialized parts. We won't ship any "regulated" or "illegal" items to your state, any firearms or ar15 lowers etc will be done through your local FFL.
  3. Note went out to ffls a few days ago. No longer allowed to shoulder their ar pistols with sig braces.
  4. Floor was reported undamaged. Frangible hollow point I'm guessing. I'm still baffled by it myself.
  5. So a little local news close to home. A Local off-duty Deputy's firearm discharged after his 2 yr old stuck his hand in his pocket.. .380 Keltec with no pocket holster. Minor wounds to 3-4 people and the childs okay. Not facing any charges or work related punishments at this time. Everybody loves a negligent discharge waiting for their baconator right? http://www.firstcoastnews.com/story/news/local/2014/09/08/deputy-son-fires-dads-gun-wendys-middleburg/15317435/
  6. Jacksonville, fl. Small build in progress under wraps. Been on a gun kick lately. Few heavy hitters local to me as well.. Pipo Sanchez says hello.
  7. Well ya know if you kill it Mike'll have a new one to you within like 5 days lol.. Jason fried his 16v like a month or 2 ago :/ Called him about something and he's like "wtf did you do demo non stop and not move? Oh im already putting it back together now" like dude knows his shit not that I dont gotta say anything. That schmexy color scheme doe means dick looks sex. Needs an SBC rooster logo on the pulley plate luls
  8. I came across this a while back, I've used it to fix a few ipod cords and some other small fixes. It may just work for what your trying to do. It's called Sugru. Its a moldable silicone-like "3d" glue. They've got it in black, multi-color, and black/white combos. 8 and 3 packs. http://sugru.com/buy
  9. Too bad, they are pretty cool. I would definitely take one if I had my CCW. Imma talk tot hte old man, he carries every day. Mayb ehe would want one. He has a 40cal glcok. You don't need your CCW to get a holster? They're good for range trips and what not. I may have an idea in mind, granted it is from another company but the lead times are killer. And A few other little random ideas.
  10. Soo is this staying strictly as a 15 and 18? I think a 12 model would be awesome.. Just my little 2 cents. Regardless one or two may make their way into a build for me...
  11. Haven't really seen too many threads like this.. but anways. I'm looking around for a holster or 2, maybe more for daily carry and some classes. More into the kydex style personally. Anyone have any suggestions, pics, first hand experience, etc? I carry a Glock 19 right now if that matters any. May pick up a 17 or a M&p pro sometime soon.
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