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  1. It’s do-able. Check out the rp600.5. But you’d have better results running a separate mono sub amplifier and a 4 Chan for the spx components. 4 d2 woofers would wire down to .5ohm but still see close to 1ohm with box rise, as 4 d4 woofers would wire down to 1ohm but roughly 1.6-2ohm with box rise. For reference: https://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/subwoofer-wiring-diagrams.asp
  2. Just cooling really. Same performance and t/s parameters.
  3. Sitting around waiting on UPS for some goodies. Better come before I gotta head to work today

  4. Just did a group number check and based on the battery dimensions I'd suggest a D4700 with i-bars. Possibly replace the wiring if it still permits a problem. Just my thoughts.
  5. Originally it's a group 35 battery, the vehicle look up shows the d1200 as the closest replacement. Specs for your group size are 9.4"x6.8"x7.8" (lxwxh). If you had an extra inch of room I'd say add a 3400 under the hood, if not you've got the 4700 as solid option. As for the battery bank, could do 6 975s (35ah per, 26lbs ea) or 2 d3100s (110ah, 75lbs ea).
  6. I'm ready to hop back in the box Looks like its gotten nastier and knowing who's behind some of the work I don't have a doubt.
  7. I'd suggest the Sk1500 in that case. The VVX series is underrated at 600watts rms. Good electrical and a clean signal I've seen double the power daily. Do a proper break in before going hard on it and set the gains correctly. The 1500 has about the same footprint as the 85.4.
  8. The knobs have an issue of going out on us after a while. That could be the simple issue, just simple wear and tear. If you pull the knob and adjust your gains properly and they sound like they did before, then that's it. Could email Skar for another knob or pick up a pac lc1 from Sonic.
  9. Enough with the bashing, everyones been given a warning in the past. I mean lets grow up. The sk4500 bench was requested by me and a number of other potential customers. I even asked for a .5ohm run. Granted I'm even saying I think there needs to be a 3 step bank for the dyno runs, 12v 14v and 16v. I'm impressed with the numbers even with the spiked voltage. The only amp that worries me is the sk3500.
  10. Being shortstaffed to hell, while the owners of your business just continue hiring salary assholes that sit around doing jackshit when you have 5 hourly guys doing the work of 10, overworked underpaid but still putting up with the bullshit. Expecting a promotion after working your ass off for months only to have someone hired, you trained, and they get bumped up but still don't know procedures and shit to the extent I do. Being promised a raise for 2 months and not getting it. Closing one night at 2-3am just to go in and open at 8-9am for a 12hr+ shift until 9-11pm. I need a new fucking job apparently. Being an original hire from the time the location opened 2yrs ago and still getting dicked around.
  11. Spent the last 3 hours since I got home from work soldering my big 3... Wasnt as hard as I thought, but I might redo it when I order spools to be cleaner... Merp

  12. Blown tweeter is blown.. Poppings annoying, rides have been quiet.

  13. 7ft^3 to work with in the trunk.. 15s seem a little much. I'm likin a pair of 12s.. but what about 6 8s? ahhh options

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    2. Rmichael91


      subs forward and port forward sealed off or i probably would.

    3. PaulPumpsBass
    4. WillPwn4Food


      If it'll fit 4 10's. Otherwise 2 12's.

  14. Year, make, and model of your vehicle? Do you have factory or aftermarkey terminals on the vehicle?
  15. Been a tough ass week. I hate funerals with a passion :/

    1. CommonSyns


      I'm sorry for your loss Ryan.

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