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  1. American Muscles (and Italian supercars) from 15:40min at the paddock of the famous German race circuit Nurnburgring!
  2. This is how we wake the dead in Europe! 20hz, 25hz, 33hz & 40hz bass quakes from the Netherlands! (propper-droppers)
  3. Lyrics (translated from Dutch); "You don't wanna hear the bass.... You wanna feel it!"
  4. A full season of "Propper-Droppers" in a 30 minute music video! European car audio systems go flat-out below 40hz! (20hz, 25hz, 33hz & 40hz) Greetings from The Netherlands
  5. Here is a short video from The Netherlands where bassheads compete in a fantastic competition format called; "Propper-Droppers". Since this game uses the real lows (20hz (!!), 25hz, 33hz & 40hz) it's a fun thing to watch because lots of hairtricks. We all like wobbling, whale stimulating BASS!
  6. 220A alternator you say? Plug & Play? Searching for decent alt to fit my S40 for a long time now... Do you have brand and type for me? (perhaps a serial?) And, what have you payed for it? (you are free to post me a PM if you don't wanna share this in public)
  7. Where is your primary ground at? Also, where in the world is the engine ground at? Just that one ground helped pretty well but I do still need to do a to-front run, guessing to the front strut tower? How much Ampere does the factory components pull throught the cables? (almost nothing, that is why there is not even a big power cable used in an original car) So the chassis will normally do the job.. And a small audio upgrade will have no problems with this. But, when you are up for a big powered audio system...
  8. The chassis of this car is only as good as 35mm2 (2 AWG) so it is better to run the cable all the way thought the car to prefent groundloops. Remember; The whole power suply is as good as the grounding. (something with chains and a weakest link)
  9. Thank you for watching this complete buildlog. THE END Wanna know more about this project or about us? Feel free to like our facebook page; www.facebook.com/TheBunkerAudio
  10. Swapped the original volvo 70A for an other original volvo 100A alt. That's all. I was trying to fit in a 210A renault alt but couldn't fit it...
  11. Hmmmm..... always thought you guys liked the combination; "Babes + Loads of Subs + Hairtrick" ???
  12. It needs some nice bassloaded demo tracks (NOT slowed!!!) ...
  13. Installed new (bigger) batteries... Created new trimpanel to cover the tunnel floor. (needs a fresh new graphix design to cover the panel)
  14. What numbers do you hit at the moment? I see you did the ground by connecting it to the chassis of the car... Much better to use a direct cable from the rear to the front of the car since the Volvo chassis has to much resistance. (<35mm cable) Sorry for my bad translation but i am from Europe. btw I have a Volvo S40 2.0i 16v with a giant (bigger won't fit) bass install. Look at my showcase here on this forum.