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  1. Its been a while since i've had a system but as soon as I would finish i'd cruise around and if i would get ahold of something new i would start it all over. But I would usually keep it for a while.
  2. I've wondered about this as well, just bought a recone that offered this and don't know if I should get it or not. Good question littlebuck.
  3. Sorry to see that bro, that is horrible. Slang them on ebay for a little less and then turn around and buy the cheaper one.
  4. Sold my car thursday in San Jo, so I have my last pic with it before it drove off into the sunset. haha On another note got a recone for my Image ID Max 12. It blew, I think in 07-08 when the v.3 came out so it has been sitting and i'm thinking T-line for that 20hz Fs.
  5. Congradulations on your growing family, soon to be 2 against 1. haha
  6. I thanked all of you guys when I payed just in case there was more people Haha. Thanks again
  7. Yea, just bought a couple packs of Damp Pro! Thanks Jon for the awesome deal.
  8. Probably saw some fine ass bitches. Lol happy late b-day and congrats on your new buddy.
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