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  1. Omg I drank the shit out if those back in the 90s 4 or 5 of those and your blown. I remember that they tasted better ice cold lol not cold enough that shit don't want to go down lol. And a tough hang over . That was the good ole days
  2. I guess I'm the only one who remembers chudd? Alot of you guys wasent here back when he was posting. He's not a friend I just noticed he's not here for a few years is all.
  3. If I stop posting I'm dead or prison. Bass is me an my life. And I'm no criminal so prisons not likely.
  4. Being stressed out an people still fucking with me! Fuck that!!! It's sucks being bipolar
  5. Buying 93 octane gas for it to be shitty and the same as 87 oct. fuck that! I swear it's ether poor quality an weak or water in the tanks. Then when you complain you get what seems like a sales pitch on some type filter they have that won't allow water pass. BULLSHIT! My truck goes dead before I make it out the parking lot lol . Fuck that!!
  6. Today I slide under a old parts truck to pull a break line . Checking it out with a flash light and herd a sound behind me so I slowly turn my head around looking directly above my face about 10inches away is a football size red wasp nest fully loaded sitting there looking me in the face. Talk about calmly sliding out an running lol yea fuck that they can have that truck lol
  7. Well of course it wouldnt when you dont have to pay for the amps your view point is interesting...because william spends more than some peoples yearly income on his car audio hobby.lols
  8. i don't give a fuck what a dude gets done he or she will never be a woman in my fucking book! Fuck that!!! ''Yet'' lol naw brother not never !! Fuck that again
  9. Lil chain in the toilet at work keeps getting hung! Fuck that!
  10. How people are willing to talk so much smack on line but in person would have shit running down there legs like a little bitch. Fuck that
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