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  1. (303) 578-7717 is the number. Posing as a job looking for workers to hire.
  2. Wow bro you gotta do somthing fast lol i done went beast mode beating ass after that many years. lol after a week i get agrresive
  3. Mental health appointments! I partyed too hard last year went to long with no sleep.Woke up 7 months later tattoos all over me living with a Hispanic girl and 60 pound lighter. I've totaled out rides did donuts in cars still the motor locked up done time in mental wards but I didn't die but I should have a dozen times. I've acted like a fool . loosing my son fucked my head up and I didn't get help instead I got high really high. Now I'm left with issues lol. But I got a bad ass chick who's hard as fuck and the real deal.
  4. Nothing pisses me off anymore. Mood stabilizers are the shit. Also killed my road rage.
  5. My car passes me off. !! My dumb ass was degreasing panels at work prepping to paint and thought hmm the lincoln engine bay could use a good once over. So i pulled it up unhooked Battery and soaked it down with degreaser let it then hit that bitch with 4k psi then bam looks new again. Unfortunately she didn't crank back up. Even after letting it sit in the sun all day . After 1 grand in new cencers new starter cause i burnt the old starter up . Replaced relays so on and so on. Week later she's running. And that's the lady time I clean a motor on my car . Fuuuuk tjat shit. I was a made mofo I dam near set the peace of shit a fire. But I come to my sences and decided to keep trying. Not sure what it was lol but it was one of the things I changed out. I swear these lincoln ls are a bitch to work on and no one a any shop around want yo touch it. I broke 500 bucks worth of shit working on the dam thibg. So shame on Ford with there ragged ass craft man's ship. Reminds me of one of those cheap 68 cent ligther. Loven tbe car but it seems no one ever did shit but drive it . Tons of little things breaking . What moron builds a car with a brittle ass gas lines by the way? Who ever you are i need your address so I can come shit at your door step.
  6. Ok you fuckerz ready? Ok it pisses me the fuck off my son dustyn got has cancer and my son Michael died an that my sorry as wife isnt worth the money to divorce her ass an that i lost just about everything behind her bullshit. Amd it also pisses me off my mind isnt strong as it was 2 years ago amd it also pisses me off ive not got a chance ro rest sence mid November last year. It pisses me off i camt get just a fucking chsmce to pick uo the peaces of my life before another bullshit freak accident happens. It pisses me off i totaled my truck ivef a stupid deer and i swear the mist stuoidest olace to leave a 4 foot tall stump. It pisses me off my rubs are broke and i cant after almost 3back months if being off 3 days back i get all my ribs broke? Niw i cant work! ! Fuck me it pisses me the fuck off. So whats next lol im sure i will be pissed off. Stuoid therapist says be positive do one thing everyday that makes me laugh lmao amd today i make my self laugh at my own crazy fuckin wild life on this rock. Yea it pisses me off. Amd at last it pisses me off the insurance is dragging ass cutinf my check so im force to drive a 15 passnger 1 ton van untill these jack asses firgure out what they doing. O one more thing it pisses me off i got to pfobly have a few ribs taken out. Yea it pisses me off it pisses me off that im pissed off about this and that pisses me off. Holy shit im pissed off! Lol dam that felt good .
  7. Everything piss me of shit. I tryed to stay positive but fuk all dat shit.
  8. Nothing pisses me off ive severed all ties to negativity or im trying my best at it.
  9. Finishing sheet rock or dry wall repairs so I can paint this house!! Sanding is a dusty bitch!
  10. Having super wicked stomach noises at work while in my bosses office . He's looking like you ok? Bathroom break maybe ? Lol
  11. Having issues with a tablet I flush mounted in the dash and having to take it out . Only to find that the plug vibrated out . Smfh
  12. i had same issue with my old truck. But mine came COMPLETLY open I didn't catch it in time turned a corner and everything on my seat with was paper work for work. A few hand tools shit load of beer bottles and garbage hit the street and went everywhere . I felt presure change In the cab then it was wide open goin around the curve with all my shit being ran over by my own truck. I was pissed and impressed at the same time. People behind me ran over a few of the bottles and god only knows what eles. This was my old work truck so I had random shit every where inside ,well I did have random shit everywhere lol. I never had my slap open a door before. And for you guys who think I was drinking and driving your wrong .they were on the floor board from me drinking at home torturing the whole surrounding areas with my drunken bass sessions . Had a bad year last year to say the least .Damn bro thats pretty interesting yea years if systems in that truck took a toll. I sold it to a buddy last year and he calls some times asking me why is this like that and so on. The dash broke loose from the fire wall too. I gave that truck hell. Still runs good tho lol everything eles is thrashed . Good times in my ole chevy lol
  13. Forget my bolt idea, I second this. You could just put a bar magnet in your doorjamb. all you guys are close lol electric magnets to replace the mechanical door latch. You can install switches or key pad to open the doors . Similar to door poppers, you would have to reinforce the jam and door with 1/4 steel plates. And the magnets need to be super strong so if its hit in a wreck it stays closed for obvious safety reasons . I think this would work realy good and be sick!
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