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  1. don't be jealous of others success, you can have the same, if you be ambitious, today is a fresh new day to accomplish more in your life than you did yesterday, don't just exist on this planet, try to make a difference, that's how I think, I hope you have a day full of positive influence & progress, later...

  2. Don't complain that you have to get up each morning, atleast you can, I'm the type of person that takes what people say literal, I literally use it as fuel to my fire, the more they hate the more I do, I just use it as motivation, attitude is everything, I hope your day is motivational as well, later

  3. My ISPLL Demo Showdown NW2 run, 3 minutes on music, mic at the headrest & a mic at the driver window, I was .3 off of my own World Record...
  4. It's your time, your money, your ride, do what you want, no one can tell you what system to have, BASSLIFE!

  5. I'm not retiring from car audio competition for many reasons, I love to compete, I'm too good to retire, I've got much more I want to accomplish, so many more people I want to inspire & so many more I want to mentor in the BASSLIFE, so I "Will" continue to be in the lanes, me & my son...

    1. strangeduck


      I thought you said you were retiring?

    2. Carnines


      Since he broke a record in ISPLL he's fired up lol.

    3. Kyblack76


      Good for you Will

  6. Rolling Thunder Competed in 10 Events & won 10 Awards at the 1st Why So Serious Summer 2X Event in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, such a awesome weekend, I set some goals for this show & it worked out, this is the most events I've ever competed in, feels good, hard work always pays off, keep challenging yourself to get better, I'm beyond stoked, I put my 4 brand new SKAR ZVXv2 15's to the test & they did well, I know how to run my truck in the lanes & I've got one of the loudest No Wall builds around, so put some respeck on my name Scores, 4 SKAR ZVXv2 15's ISPLL Demo Showdown NW2 (1st time competing) Mic at Passenger Side Headrest-149.2DB, Mic Outside Driver Window-140.4DB, 3 Minute Music Average-144.88 (NEW WORLD RECORD) 1st place ISPLL Subsonic Suicide Advanced 2-147.3DB 1 Minute at 31HZ 2nd place ISPLL Real SPL Class F- 50HZ-151.4DB 40HZ-151.9DB 30HZ-147.6DB Bandwidth Average-150.3DB 1st place ISPLL All Around SPL NW3- Dash-151.4DB Headrest-151.6DB Kick-152.4DB Average-151.8DB 2nd place IASCA Bass Boxing Lightweight-Qualifying-151.9DB Round 1-149.9DB Round 2-151.6DB Round 3-148.9DB Average-150.1 1st place IASCA IDBL Hatchback_SUV_Minivan_3-151.9DB 2nd place DB Drag Bass Race-139.6 (Ethan's Run) 3rd place DB Drag Super Street NW 151.6DB (Ethan's Run) 2nd place MECA M3-153.1DB 3rd place 5,284 watts, new personal best MECA Park N' Pound DB3-133.9DB 5,676 watts, 1st place, new personal best & Loudest Of The Show!
  7. Good choices, good life, bad choices, bad life, it's up to you, I'm here to motivate you in positive ways, attitude is everything, may your day be a day of living & learning, making smarter decisions, improving, later...

  8. 4 Brand New SKAR ZVXv2 D2 15's yeah I got my sub upgrade, TeamNoWall, TeamDeadlyHertz, TeamSKARAudio, BASSLIFE

  9. After much patience, Master Will's Subwoofer Upgrade is here, I'd like to give a shout out to Kevin & Shane at SKAR Audio in Tampa, Florida, thank you guys I preciate it, plus a special thanks go out to the Chinese for making some awesome subs, fresh out of the container & off the boat from China, 4 brand new SKAR Audio ZVXv2 D2 15's, it was time for a change after 3 years, I had a blast running 1 v1 D2 & 3 v1.5's (2 D1's & 1 D2) I put up some good scores, I had both SKAR Audio SK-4500.1 gain matched to .45 ohm, now I "Will" have 4 matching subs & an even ohm load, .5 ohm per SK-4500.1, I'm ready to see what these v2's can do in my setup, you can't be successful if you don't have patience, my son helped me put it all, in the subs, SkyHighCarAudio 8 Gauge Power Wire, Copper Bolts & EPIC Lighting LEDS TeamSKARAudio Captain, TeamDeadlyHertz, TeamNoWall, It's Not A Hobby, It's A Lifestyle, You Gots To Pay To Play, BASSLIFE!
  10. This is a dream come true, I'm leaving my 1st 1,500 mile 11 hour trip to #SLAMOLOGY, Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis, Indiana all the way from Metter, Georgia with a trophy, give tons of demos, so many people know me, seeing those that I inspire & the crazy reactions from my truck, to all that I met this weekend & gave demos to, took pictures with & shook hands, thanks for making my 1st SLAMOLOGY a great one, I've always said attitude is everything & I'm always in competition with myself in the lanes, to win up here at this huge event among so many competitors feels so awesome, I can't even put in into words, I'm happy & accomplished, you can do anything that you set your mind to, I'm here to give back & inspire others for success as well from hard work, yes I'm Master Will, #TeamSKARAudio Captain, #TeamDeadlyHertz Georgia Chapter Leader, #TeamNoWall Captain, #TeamSecondSkin, I know how to run my system efficiently using 4 SKAR Audio ZVX 15's, 1 v1 D2, 3 v1.5's (2 D1's & 1 D2), I have both SKAR Audio SK-4500.1 gain matched to .45 ohm, running a mixed ohm load until my ZVXv2's come in, I ran this setup at 2016 SBN Daytona Beach, Florida back in March, it worked again, he he he 1. IASCA Bass Boxing Lightweight-151.3DB 3rd place!
  11. so I attended SLAMOLOGY for the 1st time, had a blast, gave tons of demos, met so many people & came home with 3rd in Lighweight Bass Boxing

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Hey, I was the LLoyd Banks looking dude in the white t who kept awkwardly looking at you, lol. I was gonna say what's up, but I didn't want to bother you while you was walking around with your wife.

    2. rocking.that.eclipse


      I think you got a video of my truck too... I was the the black blazer with a blown windshield

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Was I with a old looking dude with dreads and 2 young latinos?

  12. The countdown to my 1st SLAMOLOGY has begun, I've never been to Indianapolis Indiana before, so it's gonna be a 1st, ‪#‎TeamSKARAudio‬ ‪#‎TeamDeadlyHertz‬, ‪#‎TeamNoWall‬, BASSLIFE!

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    2. dangaranga


      If you see a junky blue walled ranger make sure to come say hai. I'll be next to Pioneerforlife's focus and a red avenger

    3. Bump4life


      look forward to meeting you

    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I will be hitting you up for a demo for sure

  13. It's Friday my people, let folks talk, just don't let em change your attitude & have a good day, later...

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