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  1. Please update. Pictures & videos..
  2. looks crazy have you meter them yet? is you subsonic still set on off? eq on the radio, should that be set flat on the lower end?
  3. what time you going to be out there?
  4. What changes did you do to get that score?
  5. Your almost there. I heard if you armor all the inside of you car you can gain a little on the meter. Also vents closed and visors down.
  6. i'm stopping by.
  7. Can I get a demo also, I'm in Union City?
  8. Did you get the other amp in yet? And how is the voltage holding up? I'm thinking about running two of the same amps also , how many batteries are you running with the singer 200 amp alt?
  9. Go with heavy duty spring that is what holds the weight in your car. Coil Spring Specialties in KS, I got mines there for less that $300.00 shipped for the rear. That will keep you from sagging and bottoming out over bumps plus it will your car at stock height.
  10. Talk to Kevin @ Coil Springs Specialties 785-437-2025 My Honda Accord was sagging too, just let Kevin know how much weight you added or want to add to you car and he will custom make you some springs to handle the weight.