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  1. was gonna say frees up the astro now! lol but im sure thats last thing on the list right now. good shit steve!
  2. im not a big bike person but this thing is badass. huge props to just jumping in and cutting those saddle bags. amazing how much is crammed on these things!
  3. thats insane! lwas it a diy kit you found or built from scratch?
  4. thats bad ass man. im sitting here at 60mm/s just wallowing in awe at that lol
  5. holy shit man. more people need to see this. def some very cool ideas being implemented. and glad you stayed in the mopar family. good shit man!
  6. awesome man, glad to hear things are shaping up at home. i know i gotta update my log one day, really havent done much but like you said progress is progress. rear struts will be here thursday so once those are in I can fix some rust holes in trunk and the leaky tail light gaskets. thats a pretty good long time for some rattle can stuff. but like my favorite saying "if its worth doing its worth over doing" so im with ya man! lol I love the vht stuff products need to stock up for when I repaint the new motor for the 1gn. so many projects so little time.
  7. nice man. what did you paint the enclosure with? Looks factory! I glassed one corner of the beaters trunk for a box this weekend. Not sure what volume it is yet but well see what happens lol. I need more chop mat. Almost 3am here and cant sleep so nice seeing someone make progress! what are you tinting tails with? if you go the VHT nightshades route, wetsand the crap out of the stock lenses before paint.
  8. wow man. blown away by how clean this build is. Really striving to have something even remotely close one day! Best of luck to you and yours!
  9. besides natural heat, like space heater? didnt think that was a odd question.... my bad.
  10. looking great man. even though your staying warmer than I am right now how else do you stay warm in the garage out there?
  11. american bass ftw!! all ive been running sub wise for going on 8-9 years now. Love what they do on a budget. Setup looks killer man! gotta stop looking at build logs, makes me miss bass that much more lol
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