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  1. besides natural heat, like space heater? didnt think that was a odd question.... my bad.
  2. looking great man. even though your staying warmer than I am right now how else do you stay warm in the garage out there?
  3. american bass ftw!! all ive been running sub wise for going on 8-9 years now. Love what they do on a budget. Setup looks killer man! gotta stop looking at build logs, makes me miss bass that much more lol
  4. yikes! im glad i put a waste oil heater in my garage. shes thirsty but near free heat is a good thing
  5. may start glassing a corner of the trunk in the next few days. I could throw a old school mtx thunder series 12 in her, idk so much other stuff to worry about. Flushed the whole coolant system today and replaced the green freeze with the red shit. Heat output definitely is better, nice peace of mind too. Helps with it being 14 degrees out today lol
  6. Its a beater with a heater. Got it for scrap value as it needed a subframe. Ratchet strapped the LCA and limped her home. It likely needs a new heater core too. Fenders, doors, rockers all rusty and need replaced eventually but its not awful. Gets me to work and back and thats what counts right now.
  7. 1gn down for the count the last several months. picked up a 2gn beater for the winter. Will likely be the daily for the foreseeable future so it may get a woofer or two ontop of the re audios I stuck in the front doors. The projects are definitely piling up.
  8. Man im happy being able to 3d print shit at home lol, I can only strive to create like this one day. good shit Steve, looks amazing!
  9. those little body saws are awesome. I haven't used an electric one but man pneumatic ones are so nice.
  10. looking great as always man! what ever ended up happening with the van?
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