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  1. 3D Printing a "better" port

    ive just started to experiment with petg. shows promise for sure.
  2. 3D Printing a "better" port

    good deal. Looks alot like my i3 with no frame lol. Isnt it amazing what a few stepper motors and a heated nozzle can do?
  3. 3D Printing a "better" port

    very cool. Recently got one myself. I have a lot to learn as far as cad design goes. What kind of printer did you get?
  4. Bored Of Lame Tool Reviews? AvE YT channel

    was gonna share that earthquake review when he posted it. got a good laugh out of the beginning. Need to watch that bridge video after work today.
  5. This world is very cruel, I cannot stand people that do that shit. Good for you man, sending all the luck I can.
  6. almost looks like an entrance to a roller coaster at disney. like space mountain or something absolute work of art
  7. awesome. Did you use eagle by autodesk? I have some playing around in that to do. And what service made your board? Ive been looking for a good source.
  8. very cool. Where did you get the board?
  9. Lets chat dash cams

    Ive seen alot of good reviews about this one: I dont have one to vouch but theres plenty out there https://www.vava.com/dash-b?utm_expid=151339896-0.9oOq7JhrTLCvWUlnkgEVDw.1&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F
  10. looks great man! Never heard of gorilla lug nuts before, and hawaii sounds great right about now. have a safe trip and be sure to snap some pictures!
  11. x2. My cousin broke one of his windows when he elbowed it with his sub box, used this shit and it was so nice and strong. I think that was before he rolled it in a ditch and only broke the side mirrors. lmao
  12. I built one of these minus the dedicated blower. I just use a shop vac for that. Super happy with my results
  13. the sound is great, i may as well not even have rear fill, over powers them so much. Im just so tempted to butcher those rings out and start over No tweeter in this one, just plugged them in, 0 tuning. (sorry for michael j fox filmwork) With the tweeter. It passes the Pink Floyd test too. Thats a must in my book Hold up
  14. After a ton of glazing and sanding. Realized I may just be painting these so might as well take the time to make them look decent. Lower area still needed touch up. Wasnt gonna waste primer on that spot im so glad i made the foldout extension for my work bench wing. after trying out some of bondos brand black primer. Just because ive seen it on shelf for years i was curious, and the grey suck out like a sore thumb went with threaded 8-32 insert nuts this time. epoxied them in place just incase its permanent.(lol) And this is when I remembered why i countersunk the last rings.... barely hits but enough to drive me nuts. and the uneven gap between the far left and middle..... not really a big issue but if im gonna change depth im gonna fix that too.