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  1. please explain what exactly is that lol.
  2. bsneon98

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    holy crap the first 10 minutes is amazing alone, I cant imagine the rest. Will have to finish with a good pair of headphones
  3. bsneon98

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    This has been on repeat lately. Bumps pretty good and dangerous to drink to lol
  4. oh very true. my car is just notorious for it tho. I like to be safe
  5. you can do it man. Ive done my headgasket and waterpump 3 times now. 2 was just because I was there. you got this
  6. tuning in to this as after my last junk yard run I will need to invest in a good cordless impact
  7. bsneon98

    hot sauce

    shit looks like the devils nutsack lol I have no tolerance for hot food. Ate a habanero once and had the reminder for 2 days lol I listen to these guys in the morning. Makes me never want to touch one https://www.roverradio.com/2015/09/23/charlie-and-nadz-eat-the-hottest-peppers-in-the-world-carolina-reapers/
  8. wiring looks killer as always! Tuned in to see how that PDC turns out.
  9. liked the old one 

    1. Antheny916


      Yeah i put old one back awhile ago lol.......

  10. bsneon98

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    I almost forgot I commented on this last night lol sweet, thanks man! Ohio has a few local breweries that have a sour beer, was apprehensive to get something I may not like
  11. bsneon98

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    looks tasty. how is the sour beers. have yet to try one.
  12. bsneon98

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    straight vodka chased by some good ole sam adams. happy monday everyone! lol
  13. nope. everything is still the same. took the door panel out to do some final thinking / shaping. It may be a ton of finagle work to get these to mount and secure up like I would like to. Sometimes I want to try to adapt just one 6.5 in the stock location and throw the factory panel on and call it a day... Its hard for me to match this interior shade 100% and my ocd just doesnt allow that.. well see!