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  1. Hey guys, been a minute since ive done anything serious audio related. I Have a box to build for a zvx8 going into a 1gn TSX. Have never built anything with aeros so have no idea what to expect but seems to be the best way with space constraints. The end goal is to have a decent bandwidth but im not sure if its tuned too low to do highs and lows. Do these box specs look ok? Thanks in advance!
  2. goals no doubt! damn man that looks like a nice place to get some shit done! I just got one of those tabletop sainsmart cnc things to play with over the winter and that feels like a huge upgrade lol. Cant wait to see how everything gets setup!
  3. agreed! my first sets of jbl speakers. only hu power with 0 additional sound improvements but still sounds great!
  4. Nothing like a year and a half bump, Onto #4.... Poor 23 year old speakers. Its getting taken care of but a very minimal build.
  5. id love to post updates to my log but its been locked for whatever reason and mods/admins arent even responding. just my luck as always...
  6. why is my build log archived and can no longer add replies to it?

  7. nice to see everyone post, I remember waking up every morning with so many build updates and witty back and forths between them. Especially Hunter changing the box in that poor 3000gt like every 3 days lol. Truly what got me hooked into the hobby but even tho I havent done much lately the itch is still there!
  8. that is just badass man. crazy I started watching you knock out speaker rings to strive to get there and now with cnc and lasers youre just pioneering more shit for the community. thanks as always and happy thanksgiving man!
  9. was gonna say frees up the astro now! lol but im sure thats last thing on the list right now. good shit steve!
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