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  1. Looks good so far. Also your lucky you can still use sunflash where your at lol
  2. Anyone know what the profile gauge is called that you can screw down to the work piece? 

    I remember seeing it in a build log but have no idea which one lol 

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    2. bsneon98


      Found it! Not L shaped like i thought, Thanks for your idea tho man! Have a lot of catching up on this site to do 

    3. WalledSonic
    4. bsneon98


      and theres my comment asking him. lol i was about to look though all my posted content but didnt have time right away. I knew i should have bookmarked it then lmao. 


  3. Mike portnoy also stepped in for Avenged Sevenfold when they those their drummer The Rev. during recording for their Nightmare album. The rev was an incredible drummer, mike did a great job making it seem like it was still him.
  4. RIP to the greatest drunk trailer park supervisor anyone could ask for 

  5. pics not working on my end. And it just so happens I may be able to get my hands on a 2.4 in the near future. Have a sneaky suspicion my head has a micro crack. Can get a whole parts car cheaper than new head lol.
  6. pics not working for me
  7. I know, interested in said neon. Only thing ive seen you post about is the truck..
  8. looks nice! Neon you say?
  9. Very nice updates man! looking great! Was sad to see the old box go buy youll beautify this one just the same Good to see harvey didnt screw you too bad. Oh and I like your work light, seems nice and compact and bright. What brand is it?
  10. thanks man, I wouldn't call my work professional, not sure what id call it honestly. so that means a lot lol. Hows your build coming along? Cant wait to see updates!
  11. thank you! looking good so far! Hey those seats look familiar lol.
  12. lol thank you man.95 with grey bumpers and all? Thats a nice sleeper! im already hoping to find a 2 dr that I can go balls out with. How much of a difference was the 2.4?