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  1. I lightweight wish I had a ultra wide. Playing on my cousins alienware is sick. But I cant drop $500+ on a monitor lol
  2. bsneon98

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    How is it? I keep seeing it and its tempting every time lol
  3. bsneon98

    Sealed or ported?

    I can't either. Its basically an instrumental song. Theres like one growl towards the end lol
  4. bsneon98

    Sealed or ported?

    my box does great with double bass kicks. I use this as one of my system test songs. between the drops and the kicks shit gets down lol
  5. bsneon98

    Sealed or ported?

    ive been happy with my 2 10s ported for going on 7 years now.
  6. bsneon98

    Lets chat dash cams

    yeah I realized that after I got mine. its good for the time being.
  7. bsneon98

    Lets chat dash cams

    Ive been happy with the vantrue r3
  8. its a real bummer your having nothing but problems. the srt platform was great and continues to be. good for you tho man. looking forward to reading whatever build you end up doing!
  9. thats legit realism lol holy crap man. goals for sure!
  10. man, its impossible to vote for just one.
  11. happy warm weekend. prob not doing anything car audio related but still building some shit hopefully!

  12. so rad man... cant wait to see how the paint match comes out!
  13. bsneon98


    i manage returns and people do that shit with motherboards and screens all the time. the best is when I got a whole laptop returned in an envelope... or an empty box. lmao