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  1. thanks man! hopefully will have some more pictures in the next week or so. This cold is killing any progress.
  2. Bored Of Lame Tool Reviews? AvE YT channel

    softer than baby shit after spinach night lmao
  3. lol that is awesome.
  4. ** CCA or OFC **

    that should be just fine.
  5. ** CCA or OFC **

    Never measured exactly but likely 100-120.
  6. ** CCA or OFC **

    Im running knus 1/0 cca in my car. Been just over 6 years since it was installed. 0 issues.
  7. SMD what are you Drinking thread

    Corona and jack. Happy new years yall!
  8. sorry for your loss kyle 😭 just from following your build logs she did live a great life!
  9. Decided to dive into my door panels again for 3rd time last night lol. Dug some beginner practice areas out of fiberglass and replaced with proper shit. Also I wont be running any of the speakers I was previously running/planning on. Just placed an order for one panels worth of some nendo goodness. Super stoked
  10. 176k on my 1st gen.just replaced the factory head 35k on my srt4. unmolested