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  1. Such a handsome dog. Cant believe its been 2 years already. Thanks again Steve! We need more people in the world like you.
  2. welp its official that my little xp 750 has been doing most of the work starting my car this week. these wet cells just dont last anymore. 

  3. just got the email this morning it finally shipped. straange coincidence
  4. pissed amazon hasnt shipped mine yet. says out of stock. fuckers..
  5. buddy of mine did that and was so pissed on why he had no bass. Was a satisfying fix and bass session afterwards lol
  6. titebond, PL, fiberglass, and as dibo said a 45 would all work how pretty and how much time you want to put into it would be the deciding factor. just my opinion ofc.
  7. Thank you! It does feel good. Walls are already white but non insulated or sheeted. Plus all led bulbs even tho its just the plain jane bulb fixture its a start! But yes blank slate for sure!
  8. Yeah man! Garage has a nice sized attached workshop. Was the main selling point for me lol. And thank you, just slapped her summer wheels back on
  9. So to piggyback on my status update a while ago this was the big thing I did, finally got keys yesterday. Hopefully this should rekindle some motivation pretty soon here. Gonna be a busy summer!
  10. dude this thing is gonna be solid and quiet, youve put a ton of work into the process. It will pay off!
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