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  1. can someone send me a link to the actual file of this goat gif? i downloaded one and continued to reduce the size but when i upload it it keeps saying its too many kb's
  2. ill drink domestic beers when I'm playing like beer pong and stuff but i like to actually enjoy my beer lol
  3. I love some Parish Canebrake and LA31 Boucanee as well as pretty much all belgian wheats, especially Hitchino Nest White Ale
  4. lmao is that the peanut butter jelly time dancing banana on the board??
  5. So will this one be priced more than the DD-1? Or will the DD-1 be reduced and this one replace the original price of the DD-1?
  6. Exactly me too. And preferably on the passenger side of the other vehicle.
  7. if you're so concerned about people opening the door on your car perhaps you should go park further away where no other cars are, not take up two spots because you're a conceited piece of crap
  8. I can top that. I had some rims shipped by UPS. I was tracking it like every 30 minutes. Then I check the update and it says its been delivered…when it wasn't at my house… started to freak out
  9. this makes me want to take my decals off my car thinking about getting jacked
  10. well thats an impossibility for me when my garage is wide open and can be seen from the street when I'm working lol
  11. having to mind my neighbors and not being able to beat up in my driveway
  12. I had the same thinking a couple years ago.. You will see that its a big advantage after you grow up.. Im over it now, I mean it would be a nice alternative to drinking but it's not worth it. not at least til its legalized…whenever that may be
  13. The lack of christmas lights lately. People that drive aggressively, I'm the only one allowed to do that. People who walk across the street when I'm driving, or people driving when I'm trying to walk across the streets. Justin Bieber. Disgruntled old people at restaurants. Traffic. Waiting in lines. Not being able to smoke weed. Growing up. Slow internet connections. Memory running out on my phone. Having to get gas in my car. Cold weather followed by warm weather followed by cold weather. Going to work. Reading pointless threads. Acting like I give a shit to people who don't deserve it. How many things I actually hate in life, you could call me a pessimist.
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