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  1. i think everything should be flat treble bass loudness all of that basically just like resetting the deck
  2. solution maybe found? i would of changed the title but dont know how..anyways okay today i was tinkering on some more and found that if my rca from my deck using no splitters to my mids and highs amp on the front channels that i do not get any popping what so ever. then i do the same with my sub amp and just have the sub amp hooked up and again no isses so this rules out a bad rca i would believe. my sub amp has a input and output rca and so i use a short rca from the output to my mids and highs amp and i encounter popping. NOTE that this is how ive had it hooked up the whole time. so my new guess would be that the output rca on my sub amp is bad?? even though its a brand new amplifier. so my question is would a line out converter solve this issue and run the rcas from the converter to my mids and highs amp completely bypassing the output on my sub amp? any other ideas would be great. i have door speakers and door panels waiting to be built but refuse to until i get this issue solved thanks guys
  3. no i dont think i have. any time ive ever moved rca's or unplugged them my system was off.
  4. i do not have this issue when rcas are not connected and my rear 6x9s are ran off the deck, no popping at all. i only have one pre out on my deck so i have to use a splitter for my amps to have signal which to me enforces even more that its a bad rca because when it is connected door speakers and sub pops. ive hooked up one amp pops disconnect it and hook up the other and popping and of course they both pop when both are connected
  5. Okay let me start this from the beginning I have just purchased a new sub and amp (sundown sa 12 and a mb quart onyx 1600.1) I put it all in no issues what so ever. Have it playing for a week or so and then I start to develop a ground loop issue, small at the time. I research and find fixes if that what you want to call it by grounding the rca preouts to the chassis of the deck so I do that and it reduces a little. Then the next day I begin to get loud pops, static and scratchiness, so bad to a point where I cannot even plug in my rcas to my amps. I am running a pioneer deck Rockford 4 channel and the mb quart. I noticed today that when I plug rcas in it sends my Rockford in and out of protect, which may cause the pops maybe? I don’t know anymore ive changed grounds and everything and am wondering if I spend money on rca cables that it will fix this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  6. damn steve your killin my bank account with all these new awesome products
  7. just moved to chico a month ago, and lived in reno for 5 years previously and didnt feel the need to change the name. ran re for over a year and just changed to sundown and havent changed the pic, forgive me.
  8. hello i am working on a project and need a list of all teams that run sundown audio equipment. This is not for individual members Thanks Brent
  9. you never know if you dont try man go for it..all those cars and houses your old man has could all be yours in a couple of years
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