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  1. thanks man yeah when I was putting together this system I was thinking about doing 4 10 in shallows but really happy I went this route instead. I wish they could handle more power but understandable for 8s
  2. I think they are comparable to 2 10s (similar sub and power) I think 2 12s would be louder. But the 4 8s on 5k pound, can really only turn the bass knob up to about 3/4 before risking bottoming out. They are not great at super low notes (might be the box tuning) below about 30 hz you get a good amount of port noise, but above that they pound.
  3. it does. In the video I have the bass knob turned pretty much all the way down. Any bass you hear is from the 6 1/2s
  4. Thank You! Im loving the build so far, already have some future upgrades in mind. Enjoy the truck man, its my favorite truck ive owned so far.
  5. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this but I am wanting to have my build log link in my signature just say Brent's Silverado Build and it be clickable , instead of a full URL how do you do that? Thank you
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