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  1. thanks man yeah when I was putting together this system I was thinking about doing 4 10 in shallows but really happy I went this route instead. I wish they could handle more power but understandable for 8s
  2. I think they are comparable to 2 10s (similar sub and power) I think 2 12s would be louder. But the 4 8s on 5k pound, can really only turn the bass knob up to about 3/4 before risking bottoming out. They are not great at super low notes (might be the box tuning) below about 30 hz you get a good amount of port noise, but above that they pound.
  3. it does. In the video I have the bass knob turned pretty much all the way down. Any bass you hear is from the 6 1/2s
  4. Thank You! Im loving the build so far, already have some future upgrades in mind. Enjoy the truck man, its my favorite truck ive owned so far.
  5. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this but I am wanting to have my build log link in my signature just say Brent's Silverado Build and it be clickable , instead of a full URL how do you do that? Thank you
  6. Not really, honestly I was going to go with XS Power initially but couldnt find a group 48 in stock. I talked to Jon at Sky High and he said that one would work so I just went that route. Its also cheaper that the 94r
  7. thanks! they are handling pretty well, sound really good on pretty much all the music I listen to. Ive heard it bottom out once while playing a low song at full tilt, learned my lesson but other than that sound great. Yeah after ToNasty brought up the channel issue I had with going active I went back to researching and found the Helix. Its probably overkill for this build but id rather do something correct the first time.
  8. the box with the 4 8s some pics of the pillars if you have a silverado you know that finding space in these trucks is extremely difficult, mounted the 2 Limitless 15ah batts in the center console the Full Throttle battery under the hood the singer alt peeking through the ugly stock air box (soon to be changed) Second Skin sound deadening on the doors Stevens Audio mid mounted I will try and get some videos of it playing soon
  9. heres a rundown of everything in the truck right now just in case you didnt want to go through all the pages to find the post with the breakdown OEM headunit with a NavTV M650 for integration Helix DSP Pro Mk2 sound processor Stevens Audio SA6 components - Audio Dynamics 3'' - running active 4 B2 Audio XM 8s 2 B2 Audio Rage 2500.1 (subs) 1 B2 Audio Rage 1200.6 Singer 320 Alt , Full Throttle FT680-48 , 2 Limitless Lithium 15ah batteries alright the truck needs to be detailed so I apologize for the dirtiness, here is some pics of the install. the bass amps mounted to a piece of ABS on the back wall the mids and highs amp mounted on a piece of ABS mounted to the floor the helix dsp pro mk2 connected via optical from the NavTv unit
  10. got my truck back today from Bobby Gately doing the install and I am incredibly happy with how everything turned out.. here is a pic of the pillars, ill take some pics in the next few days, it was dark when I got home and the truck needs to be cleaned..bad lol
  11. is there a reason to have the pattern on the inside of the box like that? help with airflow?sound? Ive seen it used on a few different enclosures so wasnt sure.. that purple is sick too, its going to look great in the sunlight
  12. So today some more goodies showed up... Got the Stevens Audio SA 6 component set, minus the crossover since the system will be active. Pretty cool Eric offers this set without the crossover. The quality on these things are insane.. These tweeters are massive, might need to rethink where I was planning on placing them LOL I am extremely happy with how these things look and their build quality. Now lets see how they sound..
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