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  1. Maybe just a bunch animal faces with grey/black filling all the backround?
  2. Dunno if shipping from Australia will be worth it for you.. then again our dollar is shit at the moment
  3. Exactly why i have a garage full of old audio stuff. It just ain't worth the time..
  4. Farmtruck is in Aus for summernats, just saw this pic on FB
  5. My daughter graduated primary school today, she was school captain and got the academic award plus a whole bunch of other stuff she had achieved.. obviously does not take after me
  6. Yep pretty much lol just the bogans mate
  7. Many years ago, i too had the ginger mullet
  8. Having a big ass mortgage, sick of it. I dont even like this house!
  9. Lucky you mate.. one day i will get over there to see a couple of shows
  10. Awesome man.. as always I look forward to what comes up next!
  11. Awesome, did you end up getting a HV alternator?