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  1. Right there with ya mate, except im about 25lbs heavier
  2. Yeah I should remember that but it is always fun trying to create some confusion lol
  3. 41 degree heat, traffic and no a/c in my daily. life is gunna suck
  4. Nothing shits me more, i get that everyday even at 4 a.m on the way to work
  5. I will if people want to see it.. still a month or so away from starting. got a few bills to sort out before i spend any more money
  6. Got myself a jig for creating dog holes.. should be starting a proper bench build in the next few weeks. just need to accumulate a few bit and peices. ( not my photo as i dont want to loose any of it)
  7. im45pl

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    Never got into the honey, a couple of my mates love it though
  8. im45pl

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    After many years of being faithful, i have finally moved on from Jim Beam to Wild Turkey as the go to
  9. Wow, WTF is going on over there? How is that even close to self defense.
  10. I have the wagon equivalent for that lol, but that is on hold now until the daily is sorted
  11. New daily / semi sq project Still more to get but its a start
  12. shout out to @audiofanaticz for getting these to me
  13. A fair few years ago i lost about 100 pounds in 6-8 months.. drank a shit ton of water and ate healthy and waled 40 mins a few times a week. Cut out alcohol, fast food, soft drink. Watched the salt intake as well.... problem is i have stacked it all back on and then some. Id be around 420ish in the U.S scale. I am very tempted to get the gastric bypass but dont want to fork out the coin for it