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  1. i have thought about it... cheap car stuff and houses. but straya is pretty cool
  2. Yeah mate, i have paid through the nose for this hobby.. no hobbies that interest me unfortunately EDIT : cheap gear can be had here but its mostly big brand junk
  3. That sucks man, try being in Australia. Cost me over $2.5k just in shipping and taxes for 4 woofers.
  4. I love my multi tool.. i need to find good blades though
  5. i am the same. good to see stuff done right
  6. Got a new car, just for audio purposes. Washed it and put my old 20's on it today. Not bad for $600 For those wondering its a 2005 Holden Commodore (VZ) V6 - same as the CTS motor
  7. Cool, I wasn't sure if for some reason lithium specs were interpreted differently to AGM. I guess that sorts that problem. Cheers
  8. So I was hoping someone who knows what to look for in a lithium battery can have a look at these and let me know what you think. Trying to find some options in Australia to save the hassle of shipping, i thought these could be a good option. https://www.lfp.net.au/product-page/12-volt-20ah-engine-start?gclid=CjwKCAiAtorUBRBnEiwAfcp_Yz4kQaVyD3d5dUfXZK58xDg8l6J6hF9l-O3brE2lYLVxqeona7nDqRoCQ-oQAvD_BwE Cheers
  9. Maybe just a bunch animal faces with grey/black filling all the backround?
  10. Dunno if shipping from Australia will be worth it for you.. then again our dollar is shit at the moment
  11. Exactly why i have a garage full of old audio stuff. It just ain't worth the time..
  12. Farmtruck is in Aus for summernats, just saw this pic on FB