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  1. Many years ago, i too had the ginger mullet
  2. Having a big ass mortgage, sick of it. I dont even like this house!
  3. Lucky you mate.. one day i will get over there to see a couple of shows
  4. Awesome man.. as always I look forward to what comes up next!
  5. Awesome, did you end up getting a HV alternator?
  6. 6th Order Port Area Experiment

    Good idea, tuned in for results
  7. Nice clean build mate. Love it, really want a burban myself.. hard to find over here though
  8. HI guys, was curious as to the rough dimensions or even an overall cubic foot size behind the c pillar in a suburban? I really want one but they were only released here for a short time in 98 and there are not that many for sale so i just cant rock up and measure one myself... Cheers guys!
  9. So thats just one custom lithium battery? Either way damn man that is awesome!
  10. Assholes that park across your driveway. Now my wife has nowhere to put her car. Waited outside for a while but its cold out there
  11. level 6 18 in a 4th order

    Nah not yet lol. i am having some dramas over this side of the world lol, but hopefully this week coming up ill have a design. Just need a car now as my VW may be scrapped ( long story) But I will be going HV still when the time comes