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  1. Yeah you can cram that last photo right up your ass.. .fuck that!
  2. Turkey and coke... as always. Dunno how everyone keeps changing drinks. For the last 17 years i have change bourbon once and beer twice
  3. Yeah I should remember that but it is always fun trying to create some confusion lol
  4. Nothing shits me more, i get that everyday even at 4 a.m on the way to work
  5. Never got into the honey, a couple of my mates love it though
  6. After many years of being faithful, i have finally moved on from Jim Beam to Wild Turkey as the go to
  7. i have thought about it... cheap car stuff and houses. but straya is pretty cool
  8. Yeah mate, i have paid through the nose for this hobby.. no hobbies that interest me unfortunately EDIT : cheap gear can be had here but its mostly big brand junk
  9. That sucks man, try being in Australia. Cost me over $2.5k just in shipping and taxes for 4 woofers.
  10. Maybe just a bunch animal faces with grey/black filling all the backround?
  11. Dunno if shipping from Australia will be worth it for you.. then again our dollar is shit at the moment
  12. Exactly why i have a garage full of old audio stuff. It just ain't worth the time..
  13. Farmtruck is in Aus for summernats, just saw this pic on FB
  14. Assholes that park across your driveway. Now my wife has nowhere to put her car. Waited outside for a while but its cold out there
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