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  1. Turkey and coke... as always. Dunno how everyone keeps changing drinks. For the last 17 years i have change bourbon once and beer twice
  2. Never got into the honey, a couple of my mates love it though
  3. After many years of being faithful, i have finally moved on from Jim Beam to Wild Turkey as the go to
  4. Since I have to rebuild my box due to a water leak I was thinking of going for a 4th order enclosure, question is what cubic footage would be required in the sealed section? Any info would be appreciated
  5. what did the triangle say to the circle?.......... you're pointless! hahaha
  6. I want one so bad... don't even know why though I have no use for one lol
  7. I emailed xs about these and I gotta say I was impressed with the response time and info, as soon as I can get the cash together I will be ordering some of these... excited as this should save me money in suspension upgrades and also make the car a much nicer thing to drive and give me a lot more room in the back... now to find shit I can sell lol
  8. considering I spent 6k on 12 x agm batts, I wouldn't hesitate to buy some of these given their light weight and fast recharge... really considering getting a couple ... now to search for cash
  9. Video 3 for anybody who wants to see it. Gotta say its a good idea so you don't mess the car up
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