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  1. So from what you're saying If I have the room it would be best to make a dual chamber box to maximize efficiency? I didn't know that that still could be that much of a difference concerning the overall volume. I can easily fit a ~14 cu.ft. box. It will be going into a 05 grand cherokee.
  2. is that 8.25-9 cubicfeet PER SUB OR TOTAL? I'd be surprised if there was that much of a difference if the subs each have their own chamber. btw my plan is for a shared chamber. my current mock up consists of a 4" x 36" port that is against one edge of the box. I want to kerf the 36" side that isn't against the edge with roughly a 3" radius i believe. I'll check the design and put up some pics tomorrow.
  3. Got big plans lined up for summer...

  4. Bump! Want to work on this now since i have access to a computer with autocad Also how do you work in a kerfed port? More or less, how does it affect the length and tuning of the port? Although I won't be able to make a huge radius kerf I do want to give it a whirl on the exposed end of the port.
  5. Can anyone reccomend a ballpark port area for 2 DC LVL4 18s AND/OR 2 DC XL 18s? I'm not sure if the area would vary too much between the two. I was planning on tuning to 35hz. But this is also a brief question... Would 35hz be a well rounded tune for most varieties of music? I listen to roughly 40% rap/hip hop, 40% dubstep,edm/ other various electronic stuff, and 20% rock. Thanks for any help! __Andrew
  6. once im back from vaca im planning on using some thin plywood or thick cardboard with a roll or two of gorilla tape and try to seal the trunk off
  7. I didn't use primer and am a lil annoyed i didn't. At certain angles with the light the texture does show pretty clearly. I'm not too concerned tho still turned out pretty good. I'll shoot um some pics of the car tonight or tm. Dropping the car off tm to get the whole drivers side fixed up while im on the beach in florida haha. finally putting the body work over the bass lol
  8. finally got around to testing this on my own system. quick overview: running 2.5k stock battery up front XS XP950 in back Big 3 done + & - run of 1/0 OFC all grounds cleared of paint and debris down to bare metal (connectors too) additional ground from rear battery to chassis I played "It's my time" from Young Dolph (Decaf'd) at volume 30 along with my line level controller at 100% for roughly 30 seconds I recorded the lowest voltage drop from my stinger voltmeter during the 30 seconds. (voltmeter wired to xp750) Idling voltage at the beginning of the test was 14.4v With both the - run of OFC and the chassis ground the drop was 13.1v With only the - run of OFC the drop was 13.0v With only the chassis ground the drop was 13.0v******** ****At the beginning of the last test the idling voltage was reduced to 14.3v. I will try to repeat the last test when my system is fully charged. I might try to get a tone as well so the drop is more of a constant
  9. internal bracing with a 1 1/2" dowel rod. Cuts werent perfect either, but i went heavy on the glue and used #12 2" screws to secure them Baffle cut out and mounted subs in and looking sexy So its been roughly 4 months since then. ripped the box out the other day to give the baffle a face lift popped out the level 4 12's after applying some wood filler some good sanding, more wood filler along with more sanding. touched up the port and gave the baffle 4 coats of a nice gloss black added a decal i had laying around flash really shows the gloss
  10. super delay but finally got my laptop functional (had a full beer filter through the keyboard lol) so ill update this started off by running the new power and ground wire and adding my new xp750 old 4ga vs new xskorpion 1/0 ofc did some digging and couldnt have found a more perfect hole in the firewall hiding right behind/under my battery! crimped and soldered cable management. also lucked out seeing as this was able to fit (barely) under the trim that runs along the side of the car rough and messy wire up but it was a lot of progress for the day so i was happy now for the new box to accommodate the second 12 i aquired started off on the double baffle next on some of the angled port walls. didnt turn out as well as i wanted it to but it is still functional. EDIT;; also forgot I ran out of birch so instead of wasting 20 bones on a 4x4 sheet i used some scrap mdf i had lying around. since it was only for the internal port wall and will never really be seen i wasnt too concerned. got the box started and placing the port. also painted all the visual parts of the port blue for later port and top piece secured
  11. I have a pos and neg run of OFC 1/0 to my rear battery as well as a short ~1' ground from the rear batt to the chassis, I'm off work tomorrow so i might start disconnecting wires and do some testing.. I'll post my results when I'm done!
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