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  1. Awesome. I'll let it do its thing then. Thanks for the info guys
  2. Will do, just started getting concerned when it's staying at like 13.37v and still going. But I'm sure the charger knows more about what's going on with it than I do haha
  3. I took out my 6 D3100's because they had a low resting voltage from not driving my car much. The HF1215 manual says if it charges for over 10 hours to replace the battery, but when charging a bank, I'm not sure how long to let them charge, they were resting at 12.3 when I took them out. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
  4. Those are pretty sweet. Would those have to be ordered with a new amp or could they be ordered separately and installed on an amp we already own?
  5. Bought an XS power Charger from him. Very quick shipping and kept me up to date on when he was shipping. Very good guy to deal with. Would definitely do business again. Thanks man
  6. I have 3 sundown comp sets and they sound great. On an sax 200.4 Here's a quick distance video I made.
  7. This might be a dumb question, but the 10 show requirement, do they have to be sanctioned shows for points? Here in savannah, there are many local car shows, but there are no sanctioned shows unless I travel 4 or 5 hours + to FL (that I know of anyway) Thanks for any info! I'm very interested in becoming a member of Team DC Audio
  8. left follow @ blank cuz i dont know what to put there for you guys haha
  9. With it being made for sound deadening, I don't think it would be best as bed liner. Rhino liner or raptor liner would be what you're looking for
  10. No. Great score though, props. Would not like to know how much work went into that... Really? On most scales explaining dB at 160 it says something like death of hearing tissue, Is that what this means? It's a different kind of db, our 160 measures sound pressure. That kind if db is like jet engines, explosions, gun fire, etc That's what I think anyway, I'm sure someone can explain it better
  11. it was on for about 5 minutes at the time with minimal volume. but i do agree with you, it did get very hot at times
  12. To anyone in between companies for amps or anything else. ill help you out. not only do you pay for a great Sundown Audio product, you also get great customer service keep it up guys.
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