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  1. thanks man. its been a project of mine for many years. but i think i want to move on to something else. Where and how much? Savannah Ga through the Ocala FL Area.
  2. appreciate it man. i got lucky and bought these a couple years back when KMC was getting bought out by American Racing. So i got a pretty good deal on them
  3. I have 5% all the way around with the windshield tinted at 50% and a 5% strip. You really can't see inside at night and you're not going to see inside in the daytime unless the sun is directly in front of the windshield
  4. I made a seperate topic for the headliner I made, but I figured I'd add it to he build log also. This project i started about 6 months ago and finally finished it and installed it before Slamfest. Here are some pictures along the way, i changed the location of the plexi glass twice before i was happy with the results and had done a shit load of sanding. if i was to do it again, i would wrap the vinyl better because most of the imperfections came from the wrap, but it was my first time doing a big fiberglass piece like this. Started with a frame I used ponte which is like a material used in like under armour shirts i guess. i also used staples to attach it to the wood frame, but i would suggest hot glue or something that can dry very fast. I forgot to take pictures throughout the fiberglass stage, but i had to lay down a whole bunch of plastic to protect the interior from the fiberglass as it drips off. once i was able to take the frame down it took about 3 layers of fiberglass mat to get it nice and solid. finished product
  5. haha i would have loved some t-tops. theyre an awesome look, but i would have gone a different audio route though if i did!
  6. Started gettin some water in my trunk, and finally had a good amount of time to see what was goin on Found the problem Fiberglassed the bottom and a little bit on top Bondo'd sanded and primerd All patched up, i had the same problem on both sides. it didnt come out too bad for my first body work project.
  7. Appreciate it. Robin did an awesome job on the build. Just have to keep the car together now haha
  8. Appreciate it. Thanks! Heres, a quick video I put together of some hairtricks from this weekend
  9. Added heavier springs in the rear to keep it from sagging and brought the front down a little bit to even out the ride. New Number, This was before sealing off also I will have some more Videos added soon
  10. its been awhile since ive posted anything on this build, ive been kind of busy for the last few months. but heres an update: Installed some Morimoto Bixenon 6000k HID's with Hella Headlamps Installed some LED's around the door because i had no dome light HID's Cleaned up the 1\0 kinda Tried to figure out where i was going to put the team stickers A nice and messy job sealing off (By the way dont use 3M's version of Great Stuff, it sucks compared to Great Stuff's stuff)
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