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  1. Anyone play this game for your phone? Is pretty awesome and addictive. If anyone interested I have spots available on my alliance I sure could use some people
  2. Ken, did you hook this up yet? I currently have a 3.1 system consisting of a Marantz receiver and Polk+Infinity speakers, but want something a little more sleek and subtle. He did. He even made a thread
  3. They have her morphine to male hey puke. She did a little bit but not her whole dinner. Should have just went to the emergency vet hospital. At least they got the job done
  4. The other day, my dog ate half of a big carne asada burrito, MY burrito. I left for two minutes to go pee, and this fucker got up there somehow and snatched it. Im only mad because I wanted to eat it LOL. Lmfao yes I would rather that happen than the metal part that holds the bristles. Fucking 150 later and they couldn't even make her throw up. Wtf. Sent us home. Fucking hate that place
  5. My dog when she acts up and misbehaves. Just ate a set of paint brushes. Now at the vet making her throw up
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