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  1. So I found these amps in the garage. I hope they work... what do do y’all think I can do in the truck with these amps?
  2. Right. I mean 8 gauge and bigger should be fine. But I’m not sure about speaker wire
  3. Shoot just about $800 for the wiring kits... almost what I paid for the truck lol think I’m just gonna go and replace all the wires. I’ll check with Jon and see what the temp specs are of his stuff. Almost had the motor pulled Sunday but there was a rounded over nut on the flywheel
  4. Dumb question. Can I use speaker wire to rewire an old truck. Of course using the correct gauge. Its got old nasty ridiculously long wire now and was thinking about replacing and re-running everything while I have the engine pulled
  5. And a few pics of the interior. It was already mostly stripped out. I took out the bench seat and started sweeping out the pounds of dirt and rust. Look at that weight reduction guess i cant post anymore pics lol
  6. Nah I’m in Texas. Been here for about 3-4 years now. I love it here lol i barely visit the bay... but heres a pic of my motor with coolant everywhere
  7. I’m gonna leave the outside look the same. But I’m def gonna get the inside and engine right. I got it running. Then tore it apart a little to clean the rat shit and grease off. Put it back together and found out I had a blown head gasket lol so now I’m putting in a new cam. Lifters. Spring and rocker arms. Gonna get the heads ported and probably drilled out.
  8. Back to you Kyle gonna investigate how hard putting some seats will be in this thing. Will probably go for a center consol box or something. Getting all the motor parts tomorrow. Will pull the motor next weekend and hopefully start to get this thing rolling
  9. Hey guys I’m building up a 65 Ford f100 and was wondering if anyone has worked on this style. Not a ton of room so I feel very limited on setup options. Also so I haven’t even looked at car audio in 4 years and I’m sure a lot has changed. I appreciate any ideas or tips for a nice sounding setup
  10. Ok so after a little research I’m just going to upgrade the cam, and get roller rockers and lifters. Gonna port and polish my heads and see how that goes. I underestimated the cost of supercharging lol i think I’m gonna turbo it in a few months pending how this rebuild goes.
  11. Hola folks, long time no see. i wonder who is still around from a few years ago. Anyways i am building up carb'd 302 v8 in a 65 ford f100. i just got this thing and low and behold it has a blown head gasket.... so i have it torn down and have the heads removed, but i was curious what it would take to possibly super charge this thing. I'm always on a budget lol. so if a super charge is too much then would there be any internal upgrades that i would benefit greatly from? im looking to build a reliable daily beast. i would like it to turn heads but i dont need to win races with it. i think i will take it to the track like once just to see what she can do and thats about it. anyways i look forward to some responses and ideas hopefully
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