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  1. Man I got the Text from Chris this morning... I just talked to him about a week ago and he was in good spirits and was planning things... FUCK!!! RIP brother
  2. Yo yo yo... I am still around but work has been retarded busy because apparently people don't want to work and prefer to sit at home collecting unemployment so as per usual we are busier than drug dealers on the 1st and 15th lol
  3. I don't always post but I'm here quite a bit but there was a brief stint that I was away. Life got in the way
  4. You think those are fun... Look up the Ruger Alaskan Super Redhawk... 454 casual in a 2.5" revolver...I have one and it's a crazy little fucker..I carry it hiking because it's not super heavy and it will take down bear
  5. I'd put my Rock Island Tactical 1911 against Kimber anyday and run all over it. It's also cheaper and far more reliable . I paid $575 for it out the door brand new...Granted I have a lot more invested in it now with grips and mods etc
  6. Paying for a quality phone case to protect an expensive phone. Drop the phone falt on the case and the screen still breaks so what the fuck is the point of paying for cases
  7. I'm not afraid to trust ruger I have several bolt guns from them that run great. I am looking for something that is capable of 1000yd shoots. For no other reason than I want a long range tack driver... I had also considered 6.5 Creedmoor and a few other calibers that possess the ability to reach out and tickle paper
  8. I want a precision bolt gun from AI with all the fixings on it chambered in 7mm mag or 300 win mag... They're sitting right around 10-15k the way I want them...Priced them not too long ago. As far as handguns go I wouldn't mind adding a few wheelguns and a few semi autos in varying calibers
  9. Careful starting down the 1911 rabbit hole. They're like GI Joe's of the gun world you can modify the fuck out of them lol
  10. My raggedy ass coworker.. Constantly has shit to say under her fuckin breath when I walk away. I've already snapped on her once and told her if she has something to say then say it. She continues to act like a child
  11. Everytime a major story hits the news it's reported one way...Days/Weeks later the complete opposite story breaks and then more rioting/protesting ensues and the truth never seems to truly surface
  12. Check into Taramps 4 channels. They make multiple models and they're super cost effective and make big power
  13. Damn how hard do you have to throw a box around in order to break a rock
  14. Repairing wheels at my job...I love my job itself but I will double and triple check the surface for imperfections. I'm look cool it's all good...Lay a nice clear coat on it and sure as shit some minor flaw pops it's ugly ass head out then I'm like DAMNIT but after the clear is layed it's too late unless I bake it then strip it and reshoot the wheel
  15. Couple quick videos of my doors built and playing...They're not pretty but functional for now...Few weeks from now I'll wrap them and get them looking great ...Still need to deaden my roof but the weather was uncooperative this weekend 20200531_142334.mp4 20200531_143622.mp4 received_584351099168558.mp4
  16. As long as the weather cooperates this weekend....These Prv's,My Mlt5 Mclarens and 2 taramps 400.4s will be going into my car this weekend...Along with installing some more Vibraflex 160mil deadener on my roof and rear deck...Should be a busy weekend to say the least
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