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  1. He'd be wasting his $$ em audio is trash and is run by a complete clown man
  2. And as the saying goes there is more changes in the works some bad ass additions coming very soon so stay tuned
  3. No if you start smelling them turn it down...May only be glue burning off but is it worth ruining your equipment?
  4. That's 100% reconed...Poorly I might add...You need to get a refund bro and spread word about their shady ass tactics
  5. Local guy that hangs out near my work...I gave him $5 yesterday for the funny fuckin signs..He's a good guy
  6. Yeah there's more in it just have to put more time in on my TL...But i went from clamping 1500ish on music to 3300+ and there's a lot of overhead left in the amp so should have a bit more left in it ... I jumped on this amp on Black Friday and it was 50% off so that made the deal even sweeter
  7. No love lost with Ampere still always going to be a fan but this new 9k is doing work...I've gained 2 db on music alone clamping 35-4200 across the songs I've tested thus far and it's barely breaking a sweat...Also matches my 1200.4 so all is good
  8. Yes it's a large dustcap made for an 18 so a bit larger than a dustcap for the 15 but it works and I really Ike the look
  9. Ya there was a slight mixup in size when it was ordered and I didn't want to wait 2+ weeks for a new cone because the parts came from Sweden..But I actually love it this way
  10. Larger Alts typically don't put much power out at idle but under load they rip it My Autotech 320 is the same way
  11. Everyone I know runs autotech with 0 issues myself included
  12. Not sure who told you this but it's far from true. Autotech makes great products
  13. Temp setup for the Cmax will be cleaned up once car is put back together Full red Carbon Fiber recone from Jones Subwoofer Solutions....His name is facekicker on smd...He's also the owner of Vapormania
  14. Got the fatboy & 320 autotech and cmax 45ah installed ....running at 15.8-15.9 ...car gets pissy once it hits 15.96 Started on my recone but ran out of time due to my car fighting us the whole way lol but it's slowly getting closer if there's actually a finish line lol
  15. Big Power moves in the works...45ah Cmax,Autotech 320 External regulated, Fatboy regulator...16V life here I come There is 1 more surprise upgrade but I'll wait until it's in hand
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