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  1. Swapped McLaren mlt5s for PRV TW450S and added a 2nd tweet set ...doors will get finished eventually lol
  2. Pro Audio can be great if you have a dsp and proper power. Now it won't be as clean and clear as high end SQ drivers like Hertz/Focal etc but it doesn't sound terrible by any stretch of the imagination Pro Audio will fill in all the ranges you need if crossed over correctly and tuned...But you stated you already have hertz 3 way so you're on a good path already
  3. Got some float action from the trunk now...Now just focused on finding good demo songs 🀫😊 Started hanging the bandana in the door so I don't have to chase it lmao 🀣 2022-09-14-141333402.mp4 20220914_101803.mp4 20220914_100801.mp4
  4. I have an autotech 320 externally regulated running at 15.6V ...I can't remember what belt I got but I went with a belt that's 1/2 inch shorter than stock...Install was a bit of a pain but with 2 people it's fairly straightforward
  5. I loved my level 6 but man these Ampere neos are sooo musical and play every damn thing with authority...My 9k is turned way down at the moment will be turning it up shortly
  6. My 6 Mr500's arrived and have been swapped into the doors and lord have mercy they're loud as hell on the same power the mb250s had
  7. Just ordered 6 Prv Mr500 6.5 neos...Swapping out the MB250 neos ...Going from a 1200.4 to a 3500.1 also adding a Prv 2.8DSP Also swapping my McLaren Tweets for Prv Tw450
  8. Couple of quick videos while hanging with my team guys today 20220814_145030.mp4 received_435832931936437.mp4
  9. Wiring will be redone soon but goal was to get it in...Playing and Tuned and some testing...All achieved.. Can't get over HOW light this setup is...The loaded setup weighs less than my level 6 by itself lmao
  10. My team mate absolutely killed this color flip for my box....Can't wait get it in the car with the ampere audio encore neos
  11. And as the saying goes there is more changes in the works 😈😈 some bad ass additions coming very soon so stay tuned
  12. Local guy that hangs out near my work...I gave him $5 yesterday for the funny fuckin signs..He's a good guy
  13. Yeah there's more in it just have to put more time in on my TL...But i went from clamping 1500ish on music to 3300+ and there's a lot of overhead left in the amp so should have a bit more left in it ... I jumped on this amp on Black Friday and it was 50% off so that made the deal even sweeter
  14. No love lost with Ampere still always going to be a fan but this new 9k is doing work...I've gained 2 db on music alone clamping 35-4200 across the songs I've tested thus far and it's barely breaking a sweat...Also matches my 1200.4 so all is good
  15. Yes it's a large dustcap made for an 18 so a bit larger than a dustcap for the 15 but it works and I really Ike the look
  16. Ya there was a slight mixup in size when it was ordered and I didn't want to wait 2+ weeks for a new cone because the parts came from Sweden..But I actually love it this way
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