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  1. I bought the last cutting board Dave ever made and it took on a completely new meaning as far as the value of it
  2. Man I got the Text from Chris this morning... I just talked to him about a week ago and he was in good spirits and was planning things... FUCK!!! RIP brother 🙏😢
  3. Yo yo yo... I am still around but work has been retarded busy because apparently people don't want to work and prefer to sit at home collecting unemployment so as per usual we are busier than drug dealers on the 1st and 15th lol
  4. I don't always post but I'm here quite a bit but there was a brief stint that I was away. Life got in the way
  5. I believe they're a shade over 100ish ...It's no slouch that's for sure...I'm not adding anything else to my car except more power and doing my doors in the future.
  6. 1/4 volume Slow Motion Flex video after rebuild received_492306124653876.mp4
  7. Due to unfortunate circumstances my level 6 had to be rebuilt...My team mates made it possible to get back playing but...I just want to point out how SEXY this new Dustcap is...DC killed it with this design for sure
  8. Yes it is but the basket and motor combo is sexy as hell too
  9. Can't get over how sexy this driver is...Snapped several photos Sunday Night when I arrived at my Team Mates house because it needed to be shown off ...This woofer is beefy and musical and is performing very very well
  10. My 1st real beat your ass style demo was given out like 10 years ago by my now great friend and Team Captain...He had a white Silverado with 32 SA 12's on 4 Sundown 3500's in a Diamond and it was a monster on the low end...After that I was completely hooked to the point of no return...I had been a bass head prior to that but that opened my eyes to a whole different level of audio
  11. Game is badass.. I love the bullet drop compensation for long range shots. My buddy and I usually try to sneak in to the mission and get out as quietly as possible but when and if we get discovered we bring pain.. Playing on extreme is fun it adds a degree of difficulty because it doesn't show the enemies relative positioning on the map so if you don't use your Binoculars or Drone you won't know WTF you're walking into
  12. Anyone want to play Destiny?? I have an xb1 for the weekend while I am at my moms house... Ltsmoke50 is my acct name hit me up if you wanna play I am on now
  13. Anyone playing it on ps4? If so how is it.. I wasn't a fan of '15 but supposedly they changed several things to improve for '16 Let me know if anyone has input
  14. Damn you and your high ranks lol... I am on ps4 and my hunter is a 310 I think
  15. I usually like to start a series fresh as well i like having the choice of easy hard and retarded ... Division is a prime example of that... They have normal,Hard then Challenge mode once you reach level 30 that will piss ya off if you don't have a competent group of 3 other players with you... It is beatable but it forces you to work together and tactically attack the levels versus running in there and mowing enemies down
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