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  1. As title states, looking for sundown scv 4k or something equivalent
  2. In search of (2) SA8v3 D4
  3. i haven't shot any videos yet. i was kinda waiting to get my other amp before i started making videos. I know a few people got some demos. just dont know where their videos are yet. should get some this weekend though for sure
  4. pure sexiness finally bassing the batteries which have to get covered one of my Tantric "2k" prototype amps. still waiting for the 2nd one. each amp will be wired at .5 some night pics of the setup
  5. Time to start on the box where the plexi will be going ^ center bracing adding some white paint
  6. decided to rebuild and actually hope to keep a system longer then a few months. i wanted something simple, non walled, and to be piss loud. the vehicle the subssss Tantric HDD 12s Always have to add deadener, last system broke one of my braces so i also had to fix that so added some great stuff and more bracing running some RCA's on the roof to avoid going over the batteries some Toolmaker goodness along with the kenwood deck The doors consist of 2 Skar PAX 6.5s per door along with a Pioneer pro audio supertweeter 4 channel prototypes
  7. started replacing everything with the PAX 6.5s today. so far i have my front door wired and playing along with my dash which has 1 set of supertweets. Very impressed on how loud and crisp everything is. can't wait to have all 4 doors playing plus some other supertweeters
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