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  1. Song that helped Cash Money blow up. Young (15 yr old)Lil Wayne @3:30.
  2. It's on the law books, but I've never see or heard of anyone having D/L suspended.I guess if the judge wanted it to happen, it would. It's 85 DBs @ 25 feet, but I see a lot of cops with speed guns and none with DB meters in my area. The worst punishment I've seen to date http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWH1Tbbnf5I
  3. Check your states laws about loud, amplified, and excessive noise. In the state I live in, loud music is a criminal offense punishable by a fine of $200-500 and a possibility that you can have your D/L suspended for 30 days.
  4. Copy Pasta The mods will check the IPs and see we are not the same.. I thought it was hilarious and spreading the lulz. Nice detective skillz though.
  5. He used the chargeback services of from his credit card or bank, not PayPal. They have different polices for requesting refunds or chargebacks for items. My bank allows for chargebacks only 30 days after purchase. Don't know about my credit card company.
  6. Don't bother. If he's claiming the item didn't arrive, the tracking/ delivery confirmation # should be enough. If he's claiming the item didn't fit the description, try to have the HU sent back to you.
  7. Log into PayPal and call their help number. The sooner the better.
  8. Do you know why the guy used a chargeback? Is he claiming the item didn't arrive or wasn't as described? If he never contacted before today about the HU, then he might be out to screw you over. Provide Paypal with as much info as possible. Tracking #, link to for sale thread (if applicable), etc. If PayPal feels they have enough to documentation/evidence to dispute the chargeback, they will fight on your behalf. If PayPal feels they don't , then the buyer keeps the funds. CALL PAYPAL AND ASK WHAT IS GOING ON! Ask to have the HU sent back to you.
  9. Some things I left out. Music: Realmusic and songs that were not made specifically for the game. Of course this would involve getting licenses to use the songs. For free roaming/open world driving the game could play music files on the player's hard drive. Selectable characters/vehicles: Similar to Crazy Taxi. There were an group of characters to choose and each has thee own style of taxi cab. Instead there be a two door hatchback, SUV, four door trunk car, van, crew cab truck, etc. to choose from. OR A character creator when you can choose your own vehicle.
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