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  1. Super nice truck steve ive never owned a truck till a few weeks ago when i bought my 2016 f150 plat and i will never go back to anythign else
  2. It looks really good he whole thing I was looking for a lift kit for my f150 some of them are lvling and some are lifts i didnt really understand what a lvling kit was
  3. Congrats and thats awesome btw you might be well over 800 credit score i use credit karma also and my score was 740 on it but when i went to buy a new car and the dealer ran my credit i was at a 792.
  4. I had the same issue then i went with the audiocontrol lc2i For me it was trying to pull from my speakers in the rear deck when i pulled from the 6x9 i would get the distort light on all the time but then i pulled from my rear deck sup and all was good
  5. it's hard to work looking at this rzr sitting on the trailer. Not that many places to ride within close proximity to me so it kinda sucks. I think im gonna drag it out though for a bit Waiting on my RF 10's and T3's to get here and who know's what time the UPS guy will show up. So ill save that mission for tomorrow. Not sure where you normally go but there are 2 svra parks around here one in tracy ca and one in rancho cordova outside sac
  6. What kinda of trailer did you get and how much was it ? Did the polaris place sell it to you ? Ive been looking for a atv all the trailers ive looked at are way to big and pricey
  7. Heading to reno for a few days gonna gamble and have some fun.

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