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  1. shit if i wasn't handicap i probably be in the 10,000 post mark lol it took me like 5 min to write this lol
  2. what u guy think off this batt http://www.remybattery.com/Deka-Intimidator-9A34M-AGM-Marine-Battery-P9239.aspx
  3. My question is i wanna get batteries for my system but i'm in a wheelchair and my van is a wheelchair accessible van so the dilemma is i always here you guys talking about charging the batteries but i don't get in the van everyday maybe once like every two weeks , is that going to hurt the battery of me not turning the car on everyday or every other day , the only person who takes care of me is my wife and kids so should i have them turn the van on every other day or what .? Thanks for any replies
  4. Cracks me up how fosgate is usually the first recommended only if you have the money. yup you know it dick rider's
  5. and how many runs off 1/0 should i need
  6. well im good cuz i have 2500.1 kicker
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