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  1. sorry for the title, but, my rattles are almost GONE... last major one thats bothering the hell out of me is my rear view mirror. i can't for the life of me figure out a way to keep it from moving.... anyone got any advice? maybe i'm missing something obvious.... I don't know. i'm tired of messing with it.
  2. Joke? no So are we all retarded paying $200+ for 1500/2000 watt amps...when theres this ONE out there for 100 dollars less than anything else i've seen?
  3. I did tel him basically exactly that. He has a p3 and a two 10" prefab box... I tried to tell him another rf p3 and an 800 watt amp would hit WAY harder than this other shit, and he's not listening...he doesn't get that it wont put out 2000 watts..
  4. Joke? FUCK no. I'm telling him not to... He's just not listening.. did you not read where he said do not bash? holy hell I said this cause i thought product bashing is against the forum rules no? and i don't want to get banned..
  5. Trying to get my point across... So can you guys speak to the quality of these two items, maybe give your opinions on whether or not these ratings are accurate... : ** IMPORTANT I am not asking you to bash these products, i just want the experts to give some opinions about quality and ratings on this stuff.. Legacy 2000W amplifier: http://www.amazon.com/Legacy-LA1868-Channel-Bridgeable-Amplifier/dp/B000DZB0M4 Pyle Blue Wave Subs: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=267-085 **i know the power is matched wrong, 2000RMS amp to 2x 1000 watt PEAK subs...i'm gonna explain that to him also...
  6. Wire stretcher = Being a dick I put it in the same category as snipe hunting....
  7. ^ LOL if i was a heavy chick id use that on a dating site... "Body Type: CHODE"
  8. 85 amp alt? maybe you'd want to do the big 3. That isn't really a risky upgrade... I wouldn't worry about doing that on a new car. Especially if you leave the factory wiring intact and add additional runs.
  9. 500 Db would kill you... actually 200 can cause lung rupturing and damage to other hallow organs... There was a study of blast overpressure after WWI when people noticed soldiers with no external injuries dying from being in the vicinity of explosions... <---Just saying, fun fact of the day i guess...
  10. Lol you are really concerned with rear view mirror flex? This whole thread is kinda ridiculous... no offense
  11. Upgrading from 12 to 8 helped me tremendously. Maybe i'm the minority.
  12. ^ Lol i second that. And i'm 17. Unless she's REALLY mad or REALLY a mean mom, she's not gonna like force u to take it out... Also maybe try telling her it's more of a hobby than just a sound system. Show her there is a whole car audio community, and that you might even be able to learn some good like technical skills and car related stuff if your into that kind of thing. Idk, tell her about competitions and stuff too... Try to distract her from the whole "driving distraction" and ticket side of things..
  13. Big 3 and decent AGM battery. Or just big 3, and good 8 gauge speaker wire and good grounds.
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