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  1. i have barley playyed hdc4s 12's dual 1s and i have four of them
  2. i have a ab1100.1 12v version not excatly 2 amps strapple what u are lookinig for....ibut kif for reason u cant find anythking mayube u will be intrested???
  3. more info on setup with be helpful, I have 4 12s too on 12k nd im still trying to improve
  4. Exactly what I had in my mind only thing is it is profited nd sold legally....never got into the need energy pick me up drinks, hell when I lived with my parents soda was never in our diets.Hope who ever get high or energized or w.e does it in moderation, like op wasn't safe at all that u saw all the labels to tell u to drink half or 1/4 (just skimed sorry) nd then u said f it nd drank it all be safe
  5. How much does something like that run? lol if i buy that does that mean it get another one for free? im guessin around the 400.00 range?
  6. Cut me a deal plz 53511 is my zip pm me if yu like to not clutter thread
  7. update on tweets? Have cash waiting lol going buy new ones Friday so lmk
  8. Reading>YouPost #4 100% correct fuck lolDavid I believe still have ur number if it's the same when I grabbed those js from u while back ago mind if I txt u on Friday? I may grab this I have the money just debating on choices for my setup
  9. Lol @ at the people who say they don't give a fuck But then not only open the thread but also comment on it.
  10. The teardrop that currently means a close family member died? It used to mean they killed someone.. Different areas means different things, if it's filled in tear drop then u killed somebody, if it's a tear drop not filled in then ur close friend or family passed away
  11. Yep, your point? people are so quick to hate on him for some reasoninteresting Hating on mainstream hip hop artists is the cool thing to do on the internet these days.Exactly ppl love to hate just to do it, it doesn't matter anyway like Wayne really gives a fuck about us? Most mainstream rapper becomes "Hollywood" no matter if we notice it or not.... And honestly no tupac will not stay the same, I mean ethier u change with what's new or ur fucked and broke..yes they like music but overall is to keep ur mouths stomach full shit look at snoopdogg back in the 90s and now so for ppl to assume rappers like tupac no become mainstream is stupid no knows how shit will play out.....
  12. I'll be there again this year, with hopefully 7k more power and a fuck ton of batts lol
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