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  1. i have barley playyed hdc4s 12's dual 1s and i have four of them
  2. i have a ab1100.1 12v version not excatly 2 amps strapple what u are lookinig for....ibut kif for reason u cant find anythking mayube u will be intrested???
  3. I dont think that will work were getting alot of snow here so ill probley just think the messed it up, ill go turn it back on
  4. just realized i lost 3grand last night....not my smartest moment

    1. SnowDrifter
    2. KnockinthaStreetzof608


      thats how life goes i guess lol money isnt everythin, now i have an excuse to buy a new money clip

  5. dam i like that! he custom make you that? i want one just without the team on that side
  6. Wouldn't the heater create the same issue, unless u keep it on 24/7 kinda when u put a glass of water with ice and 5mins later the moisture outside the cup, I did alil install for my dad just a 200.4 in the bed of his truck never had an issue, but ur Canadian so maybe its alil colder there then here in Wisconsin
  7. As long as there no ice on it, wouldn't it be a good thing if they amps are super cold?
  8. we want your honest truth on DC Terry Exactly, the pros and cons on the woofer if u did anything custom to the woofer, how well it performed handling ect... That's be cool
  9. LOL putting ur used tee pee under ur car shaped bed doesn't count
  10. He is thinking of doing ethier single 18 recone the 15 he has now, or just recone the 15 to make it brand new and then buy another 15, The amp is an AA 5k
  11. If u read back some more Nate actually states the price most likely be sold at 599.99
  12. What section would you classify it under then?
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