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  1. just realized i lost 3grand last night....not my smartest moment

    1. SnowDrifter
    2. KnockinthaStreetzof608


      thats how life goes i guess lol money isnt everythin, now i have an excuse to buy a new money clip

  2. we want your honest truth on DC Terry Exactly, the pros and cons on the woofer if u did anything custom to the woofer, how well it performed handling ect... That's be cool
  3. LOL putting ur used tee pee under ur car shaped bed doesn't count
  4. If u read back some more Nate actually states the price most likely be sold at 599.99
  5. It is more metal but trust me every ounce of it contributes to the strength and durability of the motor and overall performance. Exactly the z.v3 been already proven to perform better then there sa counterpart, nd plus the softer parts are better on the z as well
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