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  1. if any one has this game i would really like to play it again,hit me up if ne one has it.
  2. i saw this trunk in the parking lot of my work so i desided to take a pic of it.lol i thought it was pritty funny. hahaha
  3. shit if u would meet me half way i would buy it.do u have the back seats?would u be willingto meet me half way,i live in michigan.lol
  4. you should take a pic of wut the truck looks like wit them hubcaps off,i think it would look better.
  5. what kind of baskits would i need,and where can i pick up a vc?i might want to build a sub.
  6. so what do the new rims look like?im in michigan and i might buy this.if u got a recent pic
  7. i got a dell juke box mp3 player ,its 20 gigs,i want to eatyher trade for a nano 2 or 4 gig or a small mp3 player with over 1 gig.or post wut you got and i might buy it.or post links.thx.oh and the juke box has a crack in the screen but i did not effect the screen at all and you can still see everything.ill get pics if intrested
  8. depends on how many cubes.
  9. yeah check on that price
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