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  1. Yeah i plan on ordering a SMD DD as well i seen there alot cheaper than i thought lol so im gonna do this right thanks guys +1 new person to DC
  2. Im going to save to make sure this is a decent build without the chances of blowing expensive subs lol, I figured saving 1700-2500 for the build may be plasible for subs,amp,And paying a lucky member of the board to build me a box with a nice tip lol, As ive stated i appreciate all of the answers as i am a first time dc buyer yet alone anything higher grade than a cadance but im ready to start branching off into the actual nice stuff instead of OH MAI LOOK KICKER BRAHHH kinda stuff lol...
  3. Well im not sure im aiming for an early model suburban, Or something like a lincoln town car from 91-99 Both probably have massive trunk room around 5-8 cubic feet
  4. i like this idea also. 2 XLs would go well with a 3.5k Sounds cool 12's or 15's xl? Sorry first time DC buyer i have been reading the forums for months and they get like the best reviews along with sundown lol
  5. So i have a job interview today which means paychecks soon lol, I want a full DC build so i was thinking a 3.5k and 2 level 4 12's with 5 upgrade, Or should i just get level 5's? Idea's idea's people lol thanks
  6. 26003 two dc level 3 12's and a 3.5k pricing please
  7. So im gonna be buying a car soon im looking to get a fox body mustang im really liking this body style http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/2716062046.html if i did buy a 4 banger im gladly gonna do a 5.0 swap but my question is How can i take a stock mustang fox body(80's-91) and make that thing a beast for about 2500$(Excluding the swap price for a v8 lol)
  8. audacity is an amazing program as well i prefer it over FL studios
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