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  1. Truck mentioned above. Want to add an aftermarket amp and sub. Factory B&O is just below meh. I know nothing about the B&O and Sync 3, so do I need any T harness to bypass any issues and to add RCAs? Thanks in advance.
  2. Stomp the flag challenge now?

  3. Said it before and say it again. When you can make something custom, and make it look factory, you know you are on a whole different level. Awesome work bro!
  4. But you know how we are...never satisfied, so with that, you'll drop it in and love it, but change something some where down the road! hahaha Like I just did with the house I built 3 years ago. Sold it, and building another cause I wasn't satisfied! Good thing is, the new owners got to keep the Irish pub decals you made. They too, Irish haha.
  5. Meh, it's ok... Looks like it was an option ordered, man. Anytime you can get that type of results from your own work, you know it was a job well done!! Looks great!
  6. Hate scammers. But with what was said earlier...lots of pics or vids of the item, of the item packaged. Sucks man. I was peeping their FB pics to see if they had that other amp in any pics, but I didn't see it. Find an install of theirs with that amp in it...may help?
  7. With the sun out too... Suitland (and the surrounding area...not sure if he is still in that area, but his shop use to be) is a rough area man, but that is just shady and ballsy as f... Get em Terry!
  8. What is that sub to the right? That 19 is frikken huge. Hmm. Would these work in the Honda?
  9. inb4 that person says 'Meade can only do 152 with 4 15s' lol You know it will happen. Looks like fun man! Thank you for the fix...er I mean update!!
  10. There is a little bar telling you (on the left side where it says storage) how much room you have left. Go to your inbox and check this out.
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