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  1. Your imagination and creativity is unreal. Still unsure how what your doing completely works lol. I get the process, but how you know that many for what it is etc etc. I wanna play donkey kong now, btw. lol
  2. What AC would I need to hook up in order to stay with factory head unit, but to add sub and amp?
  3. Damn. They should consider it in white as an option lol The LEDs on sold me. That looks good. I'm a bit jelly lol With the sub clearance, you worried about any box flex and them hitting? I know nothing about Plexi, so... asking for a friend? lol
  4. Love the look of the black rings. Nicely done, good sir! Plans on doing spacers for the other three? Man, that thing is sexy. (not you, the box)
  5. Damn. That detail.. makes it look even better. Absolutely beautiful. Plans on the back of the box? You gonna mirror anything or add LEDs to the box?
  6. Yeah, I still have the itch to do something, but not the urge anymore. I only come here when people lack to upload vids to youtube within my impatient time standards.
  7. Haven't logged on in a while, but wasn't seeing any youtube updates... Steve, I hope you never get arthritis lol. All of that cutting, etc... my hands hurt thinking about it. Love watching your work. Absolutely beautiful.
  8. Stomp the flag challenge now?

  9. Said it before and say it again. When you can make something custom, and make it look factory, you know you are on a whole different level. Awesome work bro!
  10. But you know how we are...never satisfied, so with that, you'll drop it in and love it, but change something some where down the road! hahaha Like I just did with the house I built 3 years ago. Sold it, and building another cause I wasn't satisfied! Good thing is, the new owners got to keep the Irish pub decals you made. They too, Irish haha.
  11. Meh, it's ok... Looks like it was an option ordered, man. Anytime you can get that type of results from your own work, you know it was a job well done!! Looks great!
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