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  1. Dude i think you could possibly get ir done. Take your time, do interchangeable ports so you can change your tuning, and you could get a 150 for sure.
  2. anyone can install an alarm and have it work. the hard part is making it look like it was there from the factory so that would be thieves cant quickly disable the alarm. Looking under the dash and finding a bunch of t-taps would be a car thiefs dream.
  3. Just trying to keep the duct-tape covered wires from setting poor unsuspecting customers' cars on fire...
  4. Shit...I'll let everyone in the area know so they can take their car somewhere else...
  5. Like other people have said, good fuckin luck wrapping that...I would bring the two on the bottom left and the two on the bottom right out to where they are almost protruding from the box, which would give you more room for the others. The four on top are going to give you hell.
  6. haha thas a good lookin easter egg... 7 shots and 2 beers is a friggin warmup tho...come on steve I would have thought you were a bit more of a champ...
  7. Thats weird, my old boss had those focals running off a mcintosh amp as well...only in a 4x4 chevy 2500 diesel lifted 10"....such a sick truck and amazing sounding speakers.
  8. The majority of sound that youre talking about comes from your mids...trust me you dont need more than one tweeter per mid. Some may disagree...but its just not needed.
  9. Im still not understanding why you would need more than one pair of tweets per pair of mids.
  10. RE XXX...hands down. Or run a 6.5 inch sub, 4 inch mid, and tweet...three ways are sweet.
  11. I would try to find a better grounding point than that for the big 3...I usually try to go directly to the frame...
  12. You have to weld it in, grind down the welds, and start bodyfilling/sanding smooth.
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