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  1. haha thas a good lookin easter egg... 7 shots and 2 beers is a friggin warmup tho...come on steve I would have thought you were a bit more of a champ...
  2. I love when people justify hookin up with beatass chicks by saying they have "different taste"
  3. wtf...not only have i never heard that term, it makes zero sense. please refrain from its use again.
  4. Just down the center of the port I'm pretty sure. A t-line is basically a ported box with zero volume and high port area. So treat the port as such
  5. lookin super clean as always. im with stephen tho...this bag stuff is badass, but im really looking forward to seeing door progress.
  6. haha these are the type of parties we throw... That's about half the people there that night, the rest wouldnt fit in the picture
  7. hahaha i loove it steve...that old lady is sweet. "I felt like i was gettin shot!! I didnt know what the eff was happenin!"
  8. of course he's gonna do that man!! It's called a VOLUME KNOB. Pretty sweet piece, only goes on real high end cars tho...
  9. Steve's car is every bit as awesome as the videos and everyone make it sound. SQ is amaazing as well, those mids in the a pillars really help create a really good soundstage. The mids really do keep up with all that bass, but dont distort at allll.
  10. That present a bit of a wiring problem...ohm loads/equal power distribution...IMO he'll use 1 amp on the subs one on the mids/highs, or 2 on the subs and a 1500.4 or 2 as well.
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