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  1. Good evening, well, I wish I would have known these guy(s) from www.flavoured.tv back in 2009 when I had REAL HUGE Trophies and well over 500 participants at my event, but finally it happened that I let somebody do a professional video/editing/composing about my maybe last big summer event in my hometown. We had almost 300 participations in SQ and SPL. Around 1500 people where there in these 2 days and we had lots of fun. This video (and all the pics and reports from the past) will keep this event in my memories. Thanks to all visitors, competitors, helpers supporters and sponsors for tha past years. I am not done with organizing shows of course, but it has to be reduced in my hometown and for my own sake. Enjoy: Pictures are here by the way: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151043202876708.448528.697046707&type=3 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151043055486708.448508.697046707&type=3 PS.: I may cut a longer video from the raw footage when I find time and possibility. It may is not that professional...lol
  2. i never will replace anything with other stuff. i just "add" new stuff and/or build something new. for test purposes i MAY put the new big 500.2 class AB amp into my TÜRANN for the frontsystem. but the sub amps are fixed. remember, once I had 19 9.0 in my TÜRANN (just for the case i would have needed it in the lanes LOL). but i am SURE excited about the new products and looking forward to import them. thats what keeps me busy that time, doing calculations and so on. also investing money what is a hard decision these days. Ddub, I would love to work with you, but youre in Illinois and I am in Germany If you cant get ahold of the ZAPCO people, please let me know. dont understand why it doesnt work...
  3. really? these amplifiers are from 1999 and i am sure there are tons of pics of her "private parts" but if you cant find them, i may dig into my archive of about 2.5 mio pics
  4. oh, this IS a zapco address... very sorry for that. try john@za.... (just for the try, normally info should do the job)
  5. but you must have the e mail address you sent it to? maybe its not even a zapco address so they arent to blame...
  6. ps. I am loud enough, too loud for the environment I even reduced my loudness and its still too much...
  7. thanks and sorry on that e mail problem. I get answers all the time. (ok, sometimes it takes a while, but thats normal) maybe a spam issue? to whom(?) do you send them?
  8. Hi there, yes you got it right. Last week I got my 9.0 Number 50. 26 are "trapped" in 4KW cages, what makes 13 4KWs all in all now. Dont ask WHY. It just happened. First plan was 42. Then suddenly I had 43 and it went up... I stuck at 49 for almost 2 years and then my good old friend Matze (from Team M&M) sold his second 9.0 to me to "achieve" one of my goals. LOL After publishing that, suddenly some more offers popped up and peaople wanted to sell me there 9.0s. Honestly, I am done collecting them now. Number CAN go down now and I can say I owned 50 9.0´s... For whatever that is good lol But on the other hand, I am a ZAPCO DEALER (Importer) and shouldnt buy the old stuff from others haahaha. That shows how I stand to the products I offer. Anyways, I am proud and here are some pics:
  9. Haha, Steve, yes, thanks to youtube. Mayby I convert/upscale it into 720 and THEN its in native 576 but people wont complain about it anymore... LOL BTW, I wasnt away here. I read EVERY day in the SMD forum and my browser is adjusted to open the side also together with all the other "main sides" I use and read everyday So I know whats going on here haha. Well, not in all sections of course... This forum and community became so big man. Its a huge success and I am proud to be, even a very small, part of it.
  10. Hey guys, I am still alive. Who would have thought of that! Its always busy here and I have so much to do during the season to take care of others (doing competitons as host and so on) that I have no time for my self. I apologize! So here I finally was able to upload the higher resolution/quality video of my visit from 2008 when I came by to see Steve and some folks of you. I know theres the usual drama with people bitching about this and that at youtube, but thats the way to go when showing that kind of stuff I FILMED it for sure in HD but didnt edit it. It just DVD resolution, what is way ok. Dont know if its better if Steve yould upload to his account, bc people dont know me so much. But I think the people who appreciate the video, will get it from anywhere. I still like to remember these short time and it was fun. Miss to go out there and travel through the states and do little reports about this and that of the car audio world. Who knows when it happens again. blablabla, I know, here is the link, enjoy old stuff with less distortion in the picture LOL: PS.: I was in a german TV show recently together with some other guys from our db drag scene. Filmed almost 18 months ago and just 2 times 4 minutes. I did a little making of but everything is in german. I MAY think about doing a real short version with english subtitles where I "correct" some things what were spoken out "wrong". But its just details. The report itself came out nice, but waaay too short. Please be patient while waiting for the subtitled video! Its so much work to edit these lines in... Maybe I can arrange something to re-cut it again and have more footage of our crazy doings. I will let you know. So far, if you dont know it already, here is the german version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez3n5dlclnQ
  11. Hi there, long time ago hu? Results and photos are uploaded since a few weeks, magazines with reports came out already, but now I found time to make a little report in english about my "little" annual event. Thanks again to all sponsors, helpers and of course visitors and competitors to make this event a success again. 1500 people and 414 eventparticipations speak for themselves! We all had a blast! Have Fun! http://mitglied.multimania.de/TheBigOki/okipresse/MM%20UE%202011%20Report%20eng%20d.pdf
  12. Hey there, just another one: Sorry for shaking the cam so much. I have less and less time to edit the videos. But at least you see a little bit LOL Ah, the unseen skirt trick...well, it remains unseen haahaha. Was kind of an accident. Maybe another spectator captured it and shows it off one day? Or we repeat that. At least it was good for a laugh at the show (Sorry for the girl (Kerstin), it was not my intention to embarass you )
  13. Hehe, hey Steve, I sent you one or two mails recently also regarding that. But you know, you get an amount of mails every day Talked to the guys from the show and the TV people were a little selfish and "info-resistant". Thats why I am veeeery careful with TV people. I had also some TV shootings recently and some will follow, but I think I have the TV people informed in a given way that they halfway understand what "we" do with our cars and our hobby. I dont know how the turnout will be, maybe they screw me and "us", but if you dont try, you will never succeed. I even weared a SMD shirt at one shooting, but I am not sure if they broadcast it LOL BTW. I recognized Steves Video INSTANTLY and thought, well, these guys dont know nothing... All in all the Report is OK. But it was made under wrong circumstances and they changed the "subject title" afterwards. The "hair model" had a contract with her what didnt allow to put her into enviroments with higher SPL than 150dB or a fine would have happend. They did not even mention what "kind of dB". dB SPL (like we measure with the TermLab) or dB (A) weighted. So I dont blame the Ground Zero guys. Its always difficult with Television. Its all about show and half information and entertainment. My TV appearance will be broadcastet in end of summer within a up to 6 episode series of "Die Autoschrauber" (The Car Screwers LOOOOL). Not sure if I will be the ape of the nation or the ultimate Bass Hero. Its in THEIR hands. I always tried to explain in a friendly and normal way. But I noticed some tricky questions sometimes and I am not sure if they got me 1 or 2 times... haha... Anyhow, you have your first little spot in german TV Steve, congrats. Maybe one day it becomes more. Maybe I ask the TV Teamto fly me over to you and make a little doku about you? Well, I have to calculate what money I will take for that LOOOOOL
  14. ...and usig just about 6-8000 watts for demos usually Thats why I can do that for HOURS without having fear of equipment damage... No matter if doors completely open, or one door, or no door, music (heavy metal or hip hop) or sine waves (20hz to55 hz). The hairs just fly. Its just boring for some of you that there is no flex involved, but hey, THAT WAS MY GOAL! After the destruction of my roof back in 2008 I sweared never to change the windshield again. At least not so often Thanks for the comments (and sorry for having them in german sometimes ) This is my version, had not enough time to edit like I want, but it is how it is. There will be another version from my other camera in about 2 weeks or so.
  15. Hey there. I dont want to leave much of a comment about these kids. This video is an advertising by Pioneer and bc of being "bad" is considered as cool these days, it turnes out like this. Just my impression. A Camera brings sides out of you, you wouldnt have imagined they are in you LOL. But I found out how to keep your living area quiet: Just own the loudest car around! The kids turn down their systems when they come close to where I live. They know that I just give them a smile when I recognize them when they TRY to be the coolest with their "cheap" stereos...haahahaha... (Ok, not fair, but hey, you know...its more fun to mess with these wannabees than disturbing friendly people. Just try it)
  16. Hey there Yesterday we made the "Tunnel Rave". Its an "Autobahn-Tunnel" close to me where some friends let there systems play sometimes. Its about 50 meters (150 feet) long, 4,5 (12,5feet) meters high and about 10 meters (30 feet) wide. It was a blast playing my car there 2 day before I put the woofers out. You havent been able to light a "light" (cigarette lighter?) when the car played. Nowhere in the whole tunnel. At the end I let 2 hats "dance"... I made no video bymyself, but friends did. They are all online now. Thanks to DJMadMax for putting them up The rattling licence plate is indeed from a car what stands about 70-90 feet away! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. From now on, I can MAKE the area around my TÜRANN a SMOKEFREE area bc nobody can lighten up their cigarettes anymore LOL! And Oki said: There will be NO light!
  17. Why not using what you have? I dont think its neccessary to spend more money on it. Or maybe reduce the stereo system that you get a better than stock and as much as customized as you want. (Your work will cost you nothing). Then you can have a good stereo system and race the car to have more fun and make money. If you sell everything you will LOOSE money, at least you loose all the time you spent into it already. Heck I have soooo much cheap equipment that I can do a loz of cars what would be for my personal pleasure what really would satisfy me (if you dont look at the maximum SPL level). Dont quit. No need to pull the "audio trigger" and do the extreme decisions.
  18. Up! Sorry it an "old hat" but bc of the "Hat Trick popularity", I digged it out. And I dont want to hi jack the other thread. I am not sure on what part it is. Maybe on End of Part one...
  19. Ah, I c! Well, I have one, butits not "political correct" LOL. I work on another one. Good that you explained. With the "fitness thing" I would have hopped onto the wrong "train"... but the "be happy what you have whil working for what you want" slogan kind of hits it when it belongs to an oil company ROFL
  20. Hi, is that a kind of fitness training? Maybe I can improve my english abilities LOL
  21. WOW! Will this be the end of this great story? I hope not! Wishing yo much fun with your toy chicken And maybe, if I am back in the states one day, you allow me to look and listen to the final "product". Its almost a year ago I saw it the last time Keep up the great work Steve, whats next?
  22. WOW ! Great! Thats a big community. Congrats! Even if there are some people who dont post a lot. Their time will come
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