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  1. when i first start the car it kind of idles rough a little until it warms up. i notice the boost guage bounces when it idles up and down but once it idles right the boost sits flat. going through it today. i know somthing not quite right with it, my last talon was non turbo and was faster then this car. i bought this cuz it had a really clean body (hard to find up here in wisconsin at a good price) and it was just rebuilt. motor is tight, besides an oil pan gasket leakin like a bish. car came with a new oil pan jus need the gasket
  2. i plan on getting a turbo after i get it paid off. but i think its sumthing that should be fixed. it should be faster then what it is
  3. so i think i have a possible boost leak. have a 91 tsi bored 30 over greddy pistons, molly rings, stock turbo, xtd clutch, findanza lightweight flywheel. i just bought it today, i couldnt get over 7lbs and that was at 5k rpms. ive never owned a turbo car but this doesnt seem right. im looking into aftermarket aluminum intercooler piping to replace the 21 year old rubber ones that are on there. i have a few questions tho and hope someone has more knowledge then i do on the topic. im wondering whether or not i should keep the factory side mount intercooler or switch to a front mount. i dont have alot of extra money to spend at this point in time so it has to be something cheap. i found a pipe kit to use with the factory intercooler for 120 or the cheapest front mount i found was $145. the factory one would use less piping then the front mount. is that somthing to consider when talking about turbo'd cars?
  4. its not bad but you can get a better deal from knu, $60 0 guage kit
  5. i found this while trying to find what the AP clamped, its at car audio classifieds but its a list of amps and what they did for power. tthis is what it said for the apsm 1500. what does the .5 nominal mean does that mean it did 1550 watts at .5ohms? Audiopipe mini 1500 (APSM-1500) -.5 nominal rising to .96 -13.8 to 13.5 Volts -1550 watts CLEAN (gains set with scope)
  6. everything as SSA is way out of my price range. do those audiopipes put out at least close to rated power? they have a 100amp fuse? id run em each at 2 ohms n still be able to go down to 1ohm if i should ever change subs.
  7. the amps i posted where ones that i found on OCS, there are alot more amps out there was just wondering if there was nething else around my budget and power needs. i was kinda leaning toward either the m4000d or the brz1700. the 1700 is cea compliant or else im hoping the autotek can put out at least 16-1700wrms
  8. lookin to buy an amp look in amplifier thread n lemme know if u have ne experience with the amps i posted

  9. hey im lookin for an amp around $200, going to use it to power four 12" kenwood svc4ohm 400wrms 1200peak. looking at these for now but im open to other choices. btw does anyone know the fuse rating for the crunch3500.2? it says it does3500 wrms bridged at 4 ohms. doubt it but idk autotek m4000.1 crunch gpv3500.2 hifonics brz1700.1d thanks guys
  10. im doin my system in my blazer. now i need a security system. whats a decent cheap brand. i dont care about power locks or remote start. glass break sensor, vibration sensor, dome light on = alarm sounding. anyone know of something cheap with features like this? or suggestions i dont know alot about car alarms or what they can all do. thanks
  11. like title says im lookin for a pair of 6x9's or 6.5's. id prefer 6x9's but tell me what u have. im looking for an equalizer, 5-7 band, volume control and preferably bass control. also lookin for a 2 channel amp 200-500wrms per channel but let me know what u have. dont want to spend a crazy amount of money on all of it but lemme know. thanks
  12. hey mechman did you ever get my email? still waiting for a reply. ill try sending it again if u didnt get it for sum reason.
  13. so does that mean a 250 amp alt and a d3100 is overkill for a hifonics 2500d? like a 4000kwrms system? i dont really understand electrical, i know u need power to make power.
  14. wait!!!!! pics of said grizzly adams beard lol. but glad ur better man!
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