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  1. My box depth is 5.5" and i plan on adding some polyfill to my box. Will polyfill behind the motor be an issue or should i put the polyfill around the sub instead of behind it? I want to make sure it can vent properly
  2. I dont mind components and ive thought of going that route again. I had the image synamics ctx65cs and loved tjem. But this go around im on a budget. And i figured with the 6 1/2's and 5 1/4's its more surface area. The reason for two different sizes is because i cant fit 6 1/2's at the top how i want to do my doors. I seen a guy who did his doors this way and it was fairly cheap and effective. Substage is 2 skar vd 12's
  3. Anybody have a set they can give some feedback on? Thinking of running a 6 1/2" and 5 1/4" in each door. Looking mainly for clear and decently loud. They will be amped (eventually)
  4. It has to be sealed. Soundqubed likes ported boxes. I just ordered 2 vd 12's. Now going to shop for an amp
  5. I cannot invert them its a downfire truck box. Ill probably just go with the vd series
  6. I dont want this to be a vs thread. Im looking into the ivx 12 and vd 12. My box is .95 cubic ft before displacement. So im hoping after sub displacement and some polyfil the sub will think its in about .95- 1. If i go with the ivx i will have to make a spacer since my depth is only 5.5". Even without the polyfill i will still be within specs of sealed box. But my concern is the sub not venting properly if its right against the box? On the other hand if i get the vd sub i wont have to make a spacer but ill be a little low on volume. Only by like .5 which i doubt is audible. I dont have my amp yet as i was waiting till i decide on subs. Im sure ill be happy either way but am i over looking anything? Or ami just making things complicated?
  7. Do yall have a time frame of when a black friday ad will be out?
  8. i have 24ft of kicker hyper flex 1/0 power wire. plus i have an additional piece about 3ft long and a fuse holder with another piece about 1ft long and a stinger 300 amp fuse. $100 shipped.
  9. well i been looking around at getting boat trailer for a while and well if you dont know anything about them basic price is around $600 at academy for a cheap one but only holds 600-700lbs. for about $1000 i can get one rated for 1000lbs.the boat im looking at ways 500lbs no motor no nothing basically. but i found a utility trailer for $250 and its rated for 1200lbs.all id have to do is get a piece of square tubing to extend the tongue, that would run like an extra $150 for the tubing.and then id just have to make bunks for the boat to sit on which is the easy part,so for like $400-$500 i could have my boat trailer. what do you guys think?
  10. might be your guage, the needle in my blazer fluctuates (sp?) and thats with the big 3 a 270xp dc alt and no accesories as of right now. and i pulled it straight out of my silverado and it always sat at 14.8 in my silverado
  11. talk to 99s10walled he's got 4 in i think a 11 cubic ft wall putting up great numbers
  12. just sold one of these myself. great amps.very powerful,good luck with sell
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