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  1. Right now I have 2 skar vd 12's under my backseat. They may be seeing 100 watts a piece from the amp im running. Im looking into getting the rockford prime 1200d. Im just curious how much power you guys are running, and if it would be worth even getting a 1200 since its an underseat box. I've always had custom ported boxes. This budget stuff sucks!
  2. im looking for a front stage setup. Im looking at running a rockford prime 300x4 bridged or an mb quart 800.4 onyx And precision power s2.65c components. I can get 2 sets for $100 shipped. I was going to run one component set in my front doors and use the cross over and tweeters off the other set and put them in my a pillars. This is my first time being on a budget. Im dead set between those two amps but are open to suggestions on some components
  3. I have 2 skar vd 12's and need about 1,000-1,200 watts. Im mainly looking at the rockford prime 1200. I know it will be a true 1200 watts and i can get it for about $200. Anybody have experience with this amp?
  4. I have .95 before sub and .85 after sub. So i bought a bag of 12oz polyfill since rule of thumb is 1lb per cubic ft. Well this is about 10oz and it takes up the whole box..... im very skeptical of using it.
  5. Well i was wondering if there was a way to calculate. Ive read that 1.5lb/per cubic ft in a 3 cubic ft yields 30% increase
  6. I have a truck box that is .95 cubic ft. Ive heard 1lb polyfill per cubic ft is what most recommend. Does anyone know about what percentage it adds. Ive heard from 15-30%?
  7. I have an 01 Silverado I bought it with 20's. they're wrapped in 265/50/20's and it almost feels like the shock are welded shut in the back. if I hit a bump pretty fast there's not any travel it seems like. I'm probably exaggerating on that but its a really rough ride. I'm debating on taking the 20's off and going to stockers for a better ride. I kind of want to try new shocks first though. the tires are in good shape and have good air pressure.
  8. ive had the ctx65cs and was more than impressed. but i dont want to cut a hole in my new door panels and to make things just easier i was kind of thinking of thinking of trying out the ctx65. has anyone had experience with them good or bad? what amp were you running them off of? my plan is to run these in the door then a set of tweets at the bottom of the a pillar
  9. I have decided to run ab xfl subs for my next build. I heard they like small enclosures. But I also heard they like large enclosures? I havent decided on what I wanna run yet as far as size goes. Was leaning towards some 12's. Feel free to chime in with what you've had your subs in and how they performed. 10's 12's or 15's
  10. Who designed your box? What is the final size after displacements? Seems small for four 12's but seems to be spot on from the videos. Good sruff
  11. im fixen to order some id ctx65cs fir my front doors and the coaxials for the rears. amp is a sundown 125.4. im mianly wanting sq for when my family is with me but when its just me I wanna be able to jam. im thinking about getting an arc 300.2 its 180x2 @ 4 ohms and 350x2 @ 2ohms. im thinking about running a pair of crescendos in the kick off the arc amp. anybody have any experience. I really want a loud frontstage for when its just me, but I don't wanna go through the trouble of going active and running all PA equipment. so im thinking just do a pair of 6.5's in the kicks will give me just enough with not requiring me to run an extra set of tweets or anything complicated
  12. fixen to pick up an ext cab chevy. around 03-06. I know the underseat boxes aren't that good best ive found was a lil over 1 cubic ft per side. I might try to make my own and do two ported 10's. but thinking about making a center console box to go along with it. not sure if Im gonna do 2 10's ported in it or a 12 ported. I don't really wanna mix match brands and sizes but I might have to. just curious if anybody runs both. ive seen plenty of underseat boxes and console boxes but not both. haven't really chosen a specific sub either stil looking on what does well in small ported boxes. might get psi to build me some custom 10's
  13. Im shooting for daily, I just read where a 3.1 Is more efficient. If i go 2:1 i can fit 3 18's. I can do 9 sealed and 18 ported but sub placement is an issue as i dont know how i would place three subs.
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