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  1. I think if i would have aired down i might have made it easier. I had a compressor too so i coulda filled them back up. I just didn't want to have a ford, in the sand, with flat tires that is now still stuck LOL. We got it though whew! please read what i already wrote. thanks! idk how i missed that. even so i drive hwy speed for a 100m on low pressure
  2. Steve a bit of advice for sand is you need to lower your tire pressure before getting in to the soft stuff even in a 4x4. like 18-25 psi and it makes the world of difference. man that looks like a really fun area must of been a blast!!!
  3. they are normally pretty close. but not always. i find flickering light is a ok lvl but steady light seem to be full clip.
  4. some decks dont clip. do you have the subwoofer output on your deck maxxed?
  5. i understand it as the eq curve needs to be flat not on zero so i raise all the freq to the highest point of my graph then lower the ones i want to afterr using the dd-1
  6. yes got a new shorter belt the tensioner is old. i will replace it and get back to you
  7. How hard should it be to move the tensioner ? I can fully move it with 30 lbs of pressure on a regular 5/8ths socket wrench . Seems kind easy
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