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  1. The silver bars were added later on. I think they added them to more resemble the early 2009 zenon board amps. Here is a picture of my old DC PAI 3000.1 amp from back when I had it.
  2. The Balvenie is good!! I've always liked the 12yo single malt. Has a woody flavor with hints of coconut and cinnamon. Good shit imo. Edit: correct name is The Balvenie 12 yr DoubleWood. Price wise its cheap off the net. like $57. 30YEAR is great as well but alot more expensive haha.
  3. Looks good!! On a side no you guys should get some XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT etc... for us tall fatties haha.
  4. I've bought a few Gildan brand shirts from a local "Chinese Flee Market". They're ok shirts but they do run a bit snug for us big fellas. They're a central amercian company so the sizes are a bit off. Just but 1 size bigger and they'll fit perfectly.
  5. I've got my XL 10" in a 1.44³ ft box which after displacement is about 1.13³ ft. I have it running off of a DC 3.5k @ 1ohm. Granted mines upgraded with AR cone and high roll surround. They're rated for 2200 rms, so you should be fine just make sure its clean power.
  6. Ouch none of mine even made the cut... Oh well. Anyways I choose #7 its the best out of the 9 listed. #2 has the most votes but idk.. it seems like more of a joke t-shirt. Reminds me of the "old lady middle finger" t-shirt design.
  7. fucks wrong with shoes that light up? Lol nothing, just not for me. NOW if it was a clear cap... plexglass-like cap... hmm
  8. Meh...... Glow in the dark stuff reminds me of being 3 with some light up shoes for some reason lol.
  9. LOL Got bored.... Prostate Cancer Ribbon is light blue. I could do that color scheme. As well maybe even adding a ribbon to the back of the shirt.
  10. The guys n gals @ Dc will more than likely just choose the top 3. Then Rusty will tell us?? Thats what I assume anyways.
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