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  1. it wouldnt happen to be a MMATS D200HC would it?? EDIT........ and Yes, i have heard a few bad reviews from local ohio ppl. i personally wouldnt use ARC, that's just me though..
  2. that seems to be the best idea going on in this thread so far... custom paint job FTL!!!!!!!!!!
  3. yeah that is a hot beat man. : I smell something in teh air that's makin' me........... HigH.... :
  4. lmao.. "i dont have you're back on this one, i cant even fuckin' handle it, im done" /Paul haha. great shit.
  5. james you listen to Stay Wide Awake yet??? i like that shit. theres a crap load i been diggin'.
  6. <<< waits for teh Em haters to roll in!!!!!!!!!!!! but im with ya James, i like this one. kinda back to the old Em on some of it. definitely a interesting Cd. i've been listening to it for the last few days.
  7. Hey guys, my buddy got his self in some bullshit trouble and now needs to sell all his audio stuff, car and more to help pay his lawyer fees. so i am listing items up for him as he gives me the okay. first up is his Cerwin Vega EXL1200d, not sure what will be listed next, but this thread will be updated as the items come. the EXL1200d is in pretty good cosmetic shape, and of course 100% working order (you can kind of see the green power light and the red cerwin vega logo light up in one of the pics) ..pics Before i cleaned the amp.. ..pics after i cleaned the amp.. sorry for any blurry pics, this camera is kinda shitty. Specs:: [email protected] @ less then 0.1% THD http://www.onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/Pr...ProductID=18509 Price:: $175.00
  8. a google search is a great thing... but WinRar is ur friend. Edit... im too late haha.
  9. been listening to this for the last 2 days. good shit!!!!
  10. shot in the dark but my girl hit a big ass pot hole and bent her rim. i can not find a junkyard around here that has one. so if you have one or can get one please pm me a price. need it as soon as possible. thanks. (see image for exact rim), oh 16" btw.
  11. LoL, i thought i hit the smiley face also to show it was a joke but it ain't there. muh bad. and the axis is a bad ass sub to say the least. wish i had 4 for the Explorer.
  12. meeting him today , Gosh i can't wait. we negotiated and got him down to $1999.99 i'm so stoked hahaha. i did call this turd though and was bout to rick roll him, but no answer
  13. car audio- like new speakers - $1200 (Akron) Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-03-20, 5:31PM EDT 2 15's crossfire and 4 2way by 9's all competition crossfires. Like new still under warranty Must See Call Pete @ 3307869997 1200.00 O.B.O.
  14. http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/ele/1084264827.html shit im picking this up. might even offer $1201.00 just saw it and got a good laugh out of it. thought i would share.
  15. i would go the 4 e8's route personally. but honestly you can't go wrong either way IMO. i personally like seeing more than one sub (since you want the "looks") and the 4 e8's will still get ya pretty loud off that 1500d.
  16. yeah 97 4dr XLT. w/lower tuned enclosures i usually have in there for daily(30-32hz) is where i peak @ 45 most of the time. but when i throw a 38-40hz enclosure in there i get a 46-48 peak. maybe i'll try a 42hz enclosure and see if i can reach a 50 peak just for shits and giggles one day. i've been impressed w/the #'s ive had at 45-48 though, can't complain. explorers get loud very easily from the 5yrs experience i have had w/mine. i love the contour on the back of mine, just rolls everything straight to the front w/ease. but again man nice scores, always impressed when i see testing you do. :thumbsup: EDIT.... no deadening in my Ex btw... not sure if that would affect the "lower" peak at all. just thought i'd add that in.
  17. i <3 the 1500d's nice scores derrick. what year is ur Ex. j/c? mine (97 Ex.) likes to peak between 45-48hz even w/a 40hz tuned enclosure. my 48hz peak was w/a 42hz enclosure. just curious what yr urs is.
  18. <<<<<<Edited>>>>>>>> updated the thread and added more recent pics. i can take more if needed. thanks.... TTT.
  19. yes, and this might help ya out some http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/i...?showtopic=7116
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