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    installing, bass, im on youtube (the98neon) is my channel
  1. my dad is actually louder than me(2 sa-12's and 2 audiopipe ap1500.1d's)
  2. not much hows your 15 soundin?

  3. in my sig...might make a new vid later...pretty boring day
  4. that sucks man...im in alpena so not to far away...you got my watch out!!!
  5. that sucks man most thief's dont care about anyone else but themselves which is sad to see
  6. blew out 2 motor mounts......AWSOME....not

    1. Nathanneon


      on a neon? not uncommon i got through those things like toilet paper haha

    2. the98neon


      lol yes i have a plymouth neon

  7. i also have a setup similar to that but i just put a kinetic 1400 in the back...you should just put a second battery in the back if you want...screw caps lol
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