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    installing, bass, im on youtube (the98neon) is my channel
  1. my dad is actually louder than me(2 sa-12's and 2 audiopipe ap1500.1d's)
  2. not much hows your 15 soundin?

  3. in my sig...might make a new vid later...pretty boring day
  4. that sucks man...im in alpena so not to far away...you got my watch out!!!
  5. i got my multimeter at walmart cheap but it works and you don't need any acceres for it it has a setting for ohms on it hope this helps Multimeter
  6. that sucks man most thief's dont care about anyone else but themselves which is sad to see
  7. blew out 2 motor mounts......AWSOME....not

    1. Nathanneon


      on a neon? not uncommon i got through those things like toilet paper haha

    2. the98neon


      lol yes i have a plymouth neon

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