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  1. Thats why I always recommend the Elite. Both of mine that I have had on two different vehicles are monsters at idle.
  2. When did being accused of shooting someone make you real? Guess Im getting old
  3. I have Die Hard platinums, XS and also Juicebox batteries all in my truck. They are all in the tool box and not seen so I dgaf
  4. You will need 4 3400's. I ran 5k on 4 3400's and voltage was "ok" but I also have a 370 alt
  5. Neither do morons Says the guy with lambo doors on his Ford Taurus.
  6. If using a fused distro block you can use as many or as little as you want. If not then 4 fuses are best.
  7. Im gonna meter my farts when I get home. I bet it hits a 100db if I meter at the taint /sphincter, leg up outlaw style.
  8. I call all kinds of BS..................... Make a build log and lets see these 22 D3100's. If I was your Dad I would slap you for asking for that kind of money to blow your first vehicle!
  9. Oh and your in high school and currently have all stock electrical asking if a 148db score is good, and all of a sudden your going to spend 10k bucks on electrical. BS!!!!!!!!
  10. This entire thing seems dumb. You actually metered the truck under the hood 6in from the turbo? lmao Your gonna spend an extra 6k bucks so you can turn your truck off? With 10k in my truck and doors open you cant hear a damn thing when I turn the wick up. And these Powerstrokes aint quiet.
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