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  1. im interested in the lvl 6 motors if you will do motors only.
  2. im gonna run my factory alt and my mechman 270a. how do i make or use the harness to get both alts to turn on. if someone has a diagram or information that would be huge.
  3. well ordered my recones thursday and blew a voicecoil today. hopefully those recones get here soon.

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    2. Mr Bigolsworth

      Mr Bigolsworth

      i retuned my amp with the dd1 to -15db to try and blow my subs and they didn't like it after about 45min full tilt they started smoking. was 1.4ohms before now showing 3.2ohms. wanna find what coils are good and hook my scv6k to them.

    3. scooter99


      I have a pair of XL15's D1.4's bnib and a pair of recones and baskets, all with AR cones. Those will take it and laugh.

    4. Mr Bigolsworth

      Mr Bigolsworth

      I've got 18's thanks tho.

  4. pretty happy that my 4th order will play 18hz songs. was only shooting for mid 20hz range. now just need more power.

    1. moredbs


      are you gonna share this build with us?

    2. Mr Bigolsworth

      Mr Bigolsworth

      Once I get all the pics together. Still getting things together.

  5. just sitting here waiting on my package.

    1. BigManAC


      We all have been in that situation and it never gets easier.

    2. _paralyzed_


      Just laying here playing with my package.

    3. ROLEXrifleman


      My wife does that twice a week. Then when I deliver she can't walk right for two days

  6. made some big progress on the 4th order this weekend. hopefully finish it soon.

  7. huge shout out to DROPPIN' HZ for getting back to my emails so quickly i hadn't gotten up from the computer yet. THANKS

  8. build log soon to come. spent all day cutting mdf for my 4th order. wait till i get further along to keep you from waiting on updates.

  9. Man I changed mine this weekend. I'd jealous of that air ratchet would have made my swap easier.
  10. Box design on hand time to start building. 4th order tuned to 44hz. Should get loud.

  11. Well made my first big boy amp purchase today. An scv6k. Big step from the Saz-3500

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    2. Miguels


      im guessing he means that is useless because dynamic has different loads not just stay at 1 ohm like the dyno test it at. i dont think you will ever see 8k on the scv6k on music unless you get lucky and get it at 1ohm

    3. Mr Bigolsworth

      Mr Bigolsworth

      Btw single input was referring to the 4k. I'm aware the 6k has duel inputs.

    4. Raptorman


      Dynamic is useless because that test uses a signal that is 100mS long for 40 Hz, and 20mS long for 1k Hz. If you think the music you listen to has 100mS long basslines in it, then by all means, buy into it.

  12. can you use the same mechman alt on different cars along as the sku is the same?

    1. audiofanaticz


      As long as the alt fits the vehicle, or you fab up your own there should be no problem. You also need to make sure its the same style plug, or make an adapter harness. Other then that an alt is an alt for the most part.

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