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  1. I figured I would start a new topic on here as I hadnt seen one yet. What do guys think about the new Hip Shot Dot from Airdrap gaming? Do you all think this would be considered cheating or "maximizing your advantages"? Im going to be buying one just to see if it actually works. Anybody else use the old tape and sharpie trick? Lets see what yall have to say about it. https://airdropgaming.com/hipshotdot
  2. needs to get on here more....need to learn

  3. Angry birds = reds apple ale in a mug and drop a shot of fireball into it, shit goes down like butter
  4. Man I tried your first suggestion and nothing. However I did a upload speed test in various parts of my house and how is it that the upload speed is faster the further I get away from the wireless box even with more walls between? Makes no sense to me. Anyways, I'm going to see about getting wired up. Anybody recommend a cable brand or will any do?
  5. I appreciate it ryanjin, you're the only one that's chipped in any cents/sense so far ha I'll give it a try tonight and see what happens
  6. Ok thanks man. Might end up having to go wired. I appreciate your help man. Anybody have input on how I can go about uping the speed a little bit? If I move the PS3 on top of the entertainment center could that possibly work?
  7. Ok thanks man. Might end up having to go wired. I appreciate your help man. Anybody have input on how I can go about young a little bit?
  8. Well my upload speed according to the tester is 1.4 Mbps and the "stream" says it needs 1.5 Mbps to stream to YouTube or twitch. Is is effected that much by .1 Mbps? How can I go about getting that extra .1? Don't know if this helps but my PS3 is one room over from my wireless box and the PS3 is on the bottom of the tv stand kinda boxed in by the subwoofer from the home theatre. Would that little bit of point a to b interference mess with the signal? Thanks guys
  9. So I know I am probably behind the times a bit, but I want to livestream from my PS3 to either my Twitch or Youtube account. What I cant figure out is why it wont let me do it. When I click on the Live Stream button on BO2 it will take me to the menus, either Twitch or Youtube and then I'm dead in the water after that. Cant do a thing. I notice it says that you have to have an upload bandwidth of at least 1.5 MBPS. So I went to one of those FREE online speed testers and I'm getting a 1.4 MBPS upload rate. Are you serious? How can I go about getting my bandwidth up .1MBPS so that I can stream? Theres a few videos on youtube that you can go into your settings and change some things on the display and sound settings and it might take it up a bit but I tried that and I'm still getting the same problem. Figured I would come to the forum first. Any help would be great you guys.
  10. Tuned in, wife's truck has a dash just like that. She's got a 2013 f150 and she's wanting something similar for her mini...
  11. Damn lol I was nowhere near it. My name for the raffle is Justin Foster jandsaudio
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