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  1. It's all about my niece.. I'll probably buy myself the new assassins creed and hitman.. Black Friday I'm going to buy myself a new gun safe.
  2. Thanks smoke.. The 1911 is so damn accurate.. I showed up to the range a little late and was only able to put 100 rounds through the 1911... I forgot my binoculars and camera so I didn't shoot but 50 rounds out of the Sig I gotta get it sighted in before any kind of review. 1911 had a stove pipe on first mag but I hear that's to be expected from a brand new one other then that they both shot flawlessly.. I'll try and get back out there this week to get the Sig sighted
  3. Been a while since I've been on. I got some new babies will post pics later when I get off work.
  4. And these A$ap Rocky - Goldie Kendrick Lamar - the recipe A$ap Rocky- street knock A$ap Rocky- peso I would post you tube videos but I don't know how.
  5. Schoolboy Q- hands on the wheel ( that's the song name but his whole cd rides Habits & Contradiction) Krizz kaliko- kickin and screaming album Thank me later
  6. Just a couple of my guns. I got a new camera and was bored so took a few pics of the toys.
  7. Got these last week. Left pair are the Gascans an d on right Fuel Cell Ducati
  8. Yeah I get it. I didnt have a thread deleted. So im not pissed off. Im simply stating that amps, subwoofers, wiring, boxes are all GENERAL audio questions. Ive noticed not too many people respond to any other threads other then General Audio. So when somebody really needs help on the fly or an opinion on a build or whatever its a lot easier going through General Audio. Thats all I was saying not trying to piss anybody off with the definition just throwing it out there
  9. Definitoin of General= Not limited to one class, field , product, service, etc... Just saying
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