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  1. Figure id shoot you guys something my time for audio and the internet pretty much dropped off when I got a job and my girlfriend, about to be engaged in June too. Moved into an apartment with her so.. I still have my setup and plan to finish it eventually.
  2. They also show pre-order pricing, I'm just asking is it still ok to order from these sites that have this pricing, even though its over?
  3. I see the pre-order is over, but I was wondering in the mean time, where would we order from? I see that the soundsolutionsaudio.com website still shows the pre order pricing.. Can we order from there?
  4. You might have to plug directly into the modem but you get into it the same way you get into your router.. "" or something around those lines
  5. lol shieettt. dude shit himself when you got in for sure. that moment when meade gets in your ride, and instead of holding 2k rpm, your accidentally pushing 4-5k and dont notice it. hoping you got more footage of the day!
  6. Only one can be DMZ. So you might need to verify which one is DMZ. DMZ allows all traffic at all ports and isn't protected by any firewall. In your situation, your MODEM must set your ROUTER as its DMZ, then on your router you must set your PS3 as DMZ. (applies to your situation specifically) If it still shows 2 or whatever, then it's the play stations fault. (I own no consoles)
  7. sounds like their personal problem from not knowing what they're doing. luckily automatic ip/dns settings fix pretty much every issue. if they dont, you can manually set a static ip. its just a matter of copy and pasting the dmz ip address.
  8. the router/modem, whichever you use to set the DMZ device will remember which device is the DMZ by its MAC address. so even if it moves ports or you reset the settings on the device, it will still have the same IP on the router/modem. ive never seen or heard of any issues with devices running dmz. i have my wireless N access point as my DMZ device so my ipad and ipad mini and laptop are open to all ports. now granted i cant see my two desktops FROM my laptop, but i can see my laptop FROM my two desktops. i can also SSH into my ipad from my desktop. when setting a DMZ device, the router/modem will HAVE to be rebooted. if a DMZ device is already set, both devices must be rebooted/shutdown. there can only be ONE DMZ device.
  9. i usually set my xbox or gaming device to the DMZ device and leave the gaming device to auto retrieve the IP address and DNS. DMZ allows ALL traffic, so anything that says NAT moderate to severe after that, is not from your end. this is a great guide, but i would suggest just setting your xbox/ps3 for the DMZ device and it will work golden, any connection issues after that is not on your end.
  10. lol kyle, that server needed to be replaced!! also needs to be shot several times with a damn gun. fuck p4's. SSDs and the extra ram should do this site some good.
  11. if your using the aux port on the ipod touch just remember that it clips too, so you have to find its max distortion level. personally i'd just up the volume on the HU. it sounds like you know your system, so you know what your distortion point is.
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