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  1. Got this one finished up for one of our shop show cars a few days back. It's got a sick deep flip to it from black to green and up close you really get that .08 flake POP. Color is completely custom 1 of 1 by request of the sponsored car! let me know what you guys think!
  2. Got our last customer all finished up! Will also be announcing that we will be DYC installers within the week! Anthias color shift in DYC topcoat+High gloss topcoats!
  3. We just got this gloss job finished up for our last customer and it came out amazing. Halo EFX Incendiary yellow base DYC topcoat pearl mix with Wu-Tang yellow pearls DYC topcoat with Afina blue flake in 8g gallon ratio 4 wet gloss topcoats for the finish. I will upload videos as soon as possible as well! Before After
  4. just depends on the look you are going for really. Mine are stretched mildly to help tuck the tire and wheel deeper to allow my air bag to fully collapse. Camber+Stretch gives you a ton of options
  5. Couple customers wrapped up the last few days at the shop! Matte white Honda Accord Camo green Dodge Challenger with satin black wheels
  6. It was hydrodipped previously a silver metallic so I just sprayed my color shift mix over it to keep the pattern but change the color!
  7. You could in theory it just won't peel easy. I also would use the new DYC Topcoat and not glossifier.
  8. Of course man. But what are you trying to accomplish? Just adding a gloss finish to your existing color? Is it paint or dip on there now?
  9. How's it going everyone. We finished up some wheels for our current client in the Burnt Copper Alloy pearl from DYC over a covert black Halo base. 66/35 Glossifier/Clear ratio. 50 grams in the gallon.
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