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  1. Kevin has giving me nothing but amazing customer service so far. From answering an innumerable amount of noob questions very quickly via email to shipping everything very quickly. Preordered a VVX 15" and received it the day after he shipped it out! Same deal with my t-shirt ordered it and within 2 days I was wearing it. The one thing I will say is that the website needs updating now that the VVX 8" and VVX 15" are here. Really looking forward to the 300w line and your amplifiers!
  2. What are the efficency ratings at 4 and 2 ohms and rated power at each ohm load?
  3. In the video he says you can link two together to get 2400w... Is this at 1 ohm or 2 ohm because for the 2.0 it says 1 ohm for each amplifier or 2 ohms strapped what exactly does that mean. Would I have to run it at 2 ohm if I had both amps powering a single sub?
  4. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Alpine+-+Type+R+12%22+Dual-Voice-Coil+8-Ohm+Subwoofer/9775134.p?id=1218171551192&skuId=9775134&st=Alpine%20type%20r12&cp=1&lp=1 There is a link to the product page for Best Buy.
  5. Or I could just wait for Best Buy to pu them on BOGO and get them for $204 plus tax for both.
  6. Next time Best Buy has the Alpine Type R's BOGO I'm going to pick up a pair of the D4 ones for my 99 Corolla. I know that there is better out there but I'm trying not to spend to much since I'm getting a new vehicle in a year or so. Right now my Corolla has all stock electrical and I have some Dual 12" subs in a "band pass box with a Dual 470w amp wired with some 6ga wire. My plan is to get an Optima Yellow Top and do the Big III before getting anything so i have a decent electrical system. Then once that is done in going to get the Hifonics Brutua BRZ-1200D from Audio Savings with a 4ga wiring kit. That way I'll be able to upgrade my wiring and amp since on 4ohms it does 600w which is the max rms for the subs/box I have right now. Then I'll just need to get the Type R's and build a box for them and I'll be set. I solely listen to Dubstep and Hip-hop no rock or anything like that so I want to tune low. Would it be worth the trouble of sealing the box to my cabin or just have them facing backwards toward the trunk? Also what he would you recommend I tube my box to and sq. of port area?
  7. I would get a bigger amp but I'm trying to avoid getting a HO alternator because I'm only going to have this car for a year or two more and I don't want to get a lot of audio stuff that wont transfer to my next car hopefully a 1999 Jeep Cherokee.
  8. This makes me happy that my brother and I are waiting until around mid-summer to upgrade our systems.
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