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  1. Little video off my 2 JBL Mkii 12GTI + Hifonics 1700D after set gains with dd1.
  2. I live in Brazil and I just bought a dd1. I was wondering if anyone knows a great video explaining how to use. Explaining every detail.
  3. Im just jet one in Amazon.com. Sorry to use your topic to this but i dont wanna start another one. I live in Brazil and I just bought a dd1. I was wondering if anyone knows a great video explaining how to use. Explaining every detail.
  4. Well, i think you have a good chance to be the tuning of the box. I have this problem to with 2 JBL W12GTI MKII and Hifonics 1700D. I will change the box as soon as a can to see if that is the prolem. If you solv you problem let me know.
  5. Thats the problema, i dont know how to use it. I try to use Bassbox, its good ?
  6. I want to build a good box. But i dont know how. I need help from anyone who knows how disign a box whith programs.
  7. Yeah ;/. Here have a lot of good stuff but i dont know if this sub will be good for competition, or only for day use. You are from USA right? i love this contry, I was there last month and last year. My dream is to live there. Much beautiful and good stuff. Educated people and great low price cars.
  8. 2 Protech Audio 1600Wrms each. Amp, Banda 7000wrms 3 batteries, 2 90ah and 1 165ah. I think waht you mean is that the JBL Mkii is just for Quality and not for SPL. Im right? What brand do you recomend for SPL ? About the Hifonics, what do you think, Hifonics or Soundigital? I dont have chance to get Rockford Fosgate or Kicker here in Brazil, is to much money. I think, 135liters and 36hz. I dont know so much about this box, is a old box of my friend. I want to do a new one, a box tuned right for that sub, but i never see nobody with this sub arround here in Brazil. So, is that why im here wasking for help. I am guessing your final load is 1.5 ohm nominal, how much power do you think that amp is delivering at that impedance? Missed to comment on the electrical, also tuning must be carefully considered and easily tweakable, damping and other factors than just the box play a role. Yeah, 1.5ohms. I wanna trade this amp. I think about one Soundigital 3000wrms or Hifonics 2400Wrms.
  9. So, my set is to JBL W12GTI MKII with Hifonics 1700. My box have 135 liters and tuned in 36hz. In my last competition i did 142,2 DB's, i want more. The first place with 2 12"subs did 146. I think with a perfect box i can make like 144 or 145. Anyone can help-me with that ?
  10. 142,2 today. So bad, the firt place did 146. Anybody have a good box for this sub? I need more Db's.
  11. Competition tomorrow, im guessing, 145db maybe. Anyone want gues ?
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