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  1. looking for a soundbar for my bedroom TV. Got my home theater on my main tv but im looking for a decent. reasonably priced audiophile (ish) soundbar. need some recommendations
  2. Where is are you located ish. There are a lot of members on here that may be willing to help you out if you're local to them. Myself included.
  3. The 80PRS has been the best Headunit I've ever owned but mine took a crap on me a few years ago and I've gone through several headunits since then. Currently running a pioneer AVH x5800BHS . Just wondering if the 80PRS is still best bang for the buck preferred unit or if there's something else newer that's as good or better. In the reasonable price range or just quit bitching and buy another
  4. That was my first thought too because it would randomly short out. I secured the faceplate and re did all of my connections and it still did it. Then eventually it just quit altogether so I'm fairly certain it's internal
  5. I bought it from crutchfield in 2013 so it's way out of warranty
  6. My 80prs crapped out on me a while back and it is out of warranty. Is there anywhere that I can get it serviced and repaired? I really don't want to have to spend the money to buy a new one if there is a possibility of getting this one fixed for a more reasonable price.
  7. the AV inputs on the reciever
  8. Building a Raspberry Pi for emulators is nothing new. and id imagine putting it in a car is not really anything new either. In the next few weeks here ill be ripping out my 80prs and putting in a PIONEER AVH-X5800BHS with a raspberry Pi so i can play NES games on my way to Comic Con this year. Anybody got any tips/ advice or input that would be beneficial to me? ive never really played with DVD Receivers before so that will be an adjustment for me. i Would just like to know what you all think
  9. I know that this question has been beat to death 100 time as its seems like at 1 point everyone had a setup like this. I'm tired of the box i got so i want to build a new one. would like some help with a design though. 2 lvl 3 12"s Crescendo BC2000d wired to 1 ohm max dimensions L=22 W=40 H=26 I would like subs up ,port back tuned somewhere around 33hz
  10. Good Seller here Just picked up an amp from him he kept in contact with me and let me know when he shipped it out provided tracking numbers and everything it was safely packaged too plenty of peanuts in the box would def do business with him again
  11. im down for that i would love to get my hands on a cc-1 to use. my momma always taught me to returen things in the same or better condition than i recieved them. Why can everyone do that.
  12. One thing to be aware of with 8th gen civic as well as any other newer Hondas is the ELD (Electrical Load Detector) this is a small module in your cars charging system that limits charging voltage. something about feul economy or some shit like that. here is a tutorial adam did a while back on bypassing it for a older gens http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/139844-how-to-eld-bypass-for-honda-civicaccordfit/
  13. Different people will argue different things but in my personal experience I'd say avoid seagate drives. I have seen more than my share of seagate drives shit out for no reason. I'd stick with western digital.
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