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  1. Adding an 8' for mids

    Ok so I have 90W x 4 going to my Infinity Kappa components. I want to build a center console extension enclosure in between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat, on the rear floor hump in my Maxima. The plan is to send 500W x 1 @ 4ohms from a Kenwood KAC-7252 to one Skar PAX-8" (rated 260W). How large do I need to build an enclosure for one of these? What's a good crossover point for a speaker like this? Would I need additional tweeters to even out the sound? I've sorta given up sound staging and just want louder, with more midbass (50hz and up). I have a second KAC-7252 sitting around that I can use as well.
  2. What coil configs will be available?
  3. Tripping stuff of flowerpower. that's gonna be a pimp box for sure
  4. I'd say it goes about 40-50km/h full tilt