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  1. Sorry I kinda forgot about making this thread lol but I designed and built my box already with some trial and error. Here`s a video of it in action: 1.82ft3 sealed, 3.9ft3 ported straight through the ski hole tuned to 48hz. I`m gonna be posting a lot more videos now that my camera is working again so subscribe!
  2. I'm interested in trying to build a 4th order box for my two VVX 12's and I'm looking for some insight on the recommended specs for this kind of box. I found this picture on the Skar facebook page and it's sort of how I want my box, only for two woofers, not four. The plan is to have it ported through the ski hole in the back seat.
  3. The ideal ground for your second battery is a run from the negative post on the first. Have you looked into CCA wire for your runs? It's a cheaper alternative to OFC cable. Knukonceptz has it for $2/foot in 0 AWG
  4. 138.6 @ 42hz from the trunk of my Maxima. That's two VVX 12's tuned to 36hz on a 1200.1
  5. They are noticeably stiffer when they're new. I took it easy on mine till they softened up a bit (I was also playing in the winter, however)
  6. That won't cause a alt to go bad... Actually, if you start a vehicle up on multiple batteries that are low, you could easily overheat the alternator. Our included instructions advice that you should never start a vehicle up until all your batteries are resting at 12.7 volts or higher. Clearly, the alternator is not turning on. Did you swap the two trigger wires in the adapter harness like the instructions say to? You have to have voltage to the green wire with the red stripe when the key is in the "ON" position, and no voltage present when the key is in the "OFF" positions. Check that first, my guess is that you do not have the adapter harness pinned out correctly., and the alternator is not getting a turn on remote signal. Sorry to bump an old thread but what exactly are you supposed to do for cold climate starting, say -30 celcius? My battery voltage is almost always around 11.8-12 in the winter after sitting overnight.
  7. just screw it to the rear deck and use the trunk as a sealed box.
  8. Just wondering if you guys have any shirts for sale. I'd like one for an upcoming show I'll be going to. Surely I'm not the only person on here that wants to get their hands on one
  9. Let me know condition (mechanical/costmetic), batt resting voltage and price shipped to S7L 1L9, Saskatchewan, Canada. thanks.
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