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  1. I guess on this site I am considered a noob, but I actively participate in two other forums, where my post count is pretty high. This site for me is mostly a learning and listening place as I think my car audio knowledge is pretty basic, but I am reading a whole bunch, keeping my mouth shut of useless banter because I dont think i need to be a post whore to be a strong participant. You wont find me using all the acronyms that people use cause I dont think every sentence is supposed to end with "lol" followed by a period. New to forums , NO. new to this one , YES. But I love this site. Hell I spend more time here than I do my other forums now.
  2. caught chicken lookin at his caddy in the uninterrupted build pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be pretty happy if it was mine......................
  3. The P.a. piercing is actually the easiest to heal , due to urine being sterile and the wound constantly getting "washed" if you will -- The only time it hurts to pee is the first time you go after having it done, and then it is pretty much painless. Hell half the time I forget I have it, and the rumors about making a mess or having to sit down to piss are all B.S. , you can function as normal. Now as fa as a ladder goes, no thanks. I think it would make sex way to difficult, not to mention if one of the beads came unscrewed during during sex and you leave behind surgical steel parts in your girl after you pull out. I have been called a freak and that may be true, but I aint on that level.
  4. No I haven't looked into it yet, but I am gonna have to eventually go with something for my own piece of mind, even if i leave it off at work. What brands, models you got in mind????????
  5. 2 gauge p.a. 2 gauge barbell on the front of my bag. got my nips done cause my girl wouldnt do it by herself, let them heal then took em out. sleeved out left arm, sleeved out right arm from the elbow down.
  6. O.k. so I found this thread after a week ( I usually stay out of off topic when I am knowledge hunting ) of being on here every free chance I have. I am John, I live in Savannah Georgia. I own a 07 Toyota FJ cruiser- see the sig. I work for CSX, which is a railroad. I am a engineer and most of the time I enjoy my job. If nothing else it pays well, and when I don't want to work it is kinda easy to get time off. I am 29 and still a big kid like most of you. I never even heard of Steve Meade until I found this forum, which I found it from a thread on FJcruiserforums.com , and I spend alot of of my laptop time there. I sit in hotels for hours on end with my job, so surfing is a favorite pastime. I am generally not a post whore, and I try to only comment when I think it is useful or relevant to the discussion. Savannah is not a big car show town, unless it is old muscle and that only happens once a year. Odd for close to 300,000 people... I have traveled up to the NOPI show in Atlanta 7 or 8 times but it has been about three years since I last went. I have been to Spring Break Nationals twice, but again several years have past and my circle of friends has changed due to busy schedules and lifestyle choices. My knowledge of car audio is average at best, and the equipment I have purchased was on recommendations from some of the guys that I know at a local shop, and what my wallet would allow at the time. Most of this stuff is now in its second install and I was riding the xB for about a year, then the change from conductor to engineer took place and the money got better. I have never even heard of FI car audio until finding this forum, and I was considering the JL w7. NOT ANYMORE.....!!!! This forum seems to be the most straight up , fact based and the people on here seem to speak only from experience, not from here say or pure brand loyalty. There is brand loyalty all over this site, but I get the impression it is brand loyalty after much trial and error with many different systems from brands across the board. I have used kicker till I was blue in the face, and I like them, I am okay with the alpine subs I have, but I want more bass, I am slowly gonna phase out the excelon mids and highs to other stuff, and the JL components I have coming are only after hearing them several times in many vehicles , and I am happy with them for the money. Not to mention they will go in factory locations keeping the interior up front looking stock, which I also like. I love seeing the fiberglass kick panels and door pods, but its not for me -- not yet anyway. What I do want is the FI treatment in back, and I am probably going to go forward with that idea come tax return time. I am also going to get a new alternator from irraggi , which I have heard of before this site. I have seen his alts. on cars at nopi, and everyone I spoke with seems happy with what he builds. The alternator is a definite purchase, cause I get a little dimming already. My "plan" is two FI 15" btl subs, and probably a RF 4001 amp for the subs, with a second battery mounted in back, along with a new amp for the mids and highs and to pull out the 3.5 " MB Quartz and put a set of components in the panels beside the rear seats. other than that I want the sub box to go up no higher than the back seat so the cargo cover will hide it, but if I cant do that I will limo tint out the rear windows. I am terrified of theft , my truck is in a very secure location while I am at work, but I cannot install a alarm system because the parking lot at the R.R.yard is right next to several train tracks. Trains shake the ground which would set off alarms. This would only irritate security personnel to the point that they would let someone rob my truck of my goods. I have stripped my interior out and added lots of second skin products, and I am pleased with the results. Should have done more than one layer on the front door - outer door skins though - so I will be adding more there, and I think I am gonna do the underside of my hood and that should be the end of that. So that is my car audio knowledge disclaimer and introduction. sorry for the novel. thanks.
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