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  1. Damn meade. Hadnt been on the forum in a while... been busy. Kept up with the progress on FB and the tube though. It is about time for you to show up on the cover of truckin magazine. Did they see this thing in Vegas? If not, it is prolly about a good a time as any to show them how its done in northern california. Clean, Low profile, sleeper, understated, elegant, bitchin', ballin', tight, hot, professional....whatever. Take your pick. Any of these adjectives just do not do the tahoe justice when it comes to putting it into words. I know you are proud of it. Amazing ride man. Envy of all, well me anyway. Love it.
  2. yeah, its biggest problem is it is running the iphone/itouch OS and not snow leopard. This is a really neat toy, but pretty much just a giant app device and a way to surf the net laying on the couch or in the bed. They really should of put in the camera from the imac or the macbooks too. sadly, though.... because it is a neat toy to surf the net from the couch or the bed, I will prolly get one to leave laying around the house for me and the wife to play with.... some of the apps from the app store are really neat and VERY useful. 500 bucks is not bad as far as price goes. I wouldnt buy it as a replacement for my laptop to use while traveling for work though.
  3. lil update. That cable will charge my itouch, but I got the new video nano for christmas ( 16 gig ) ... and the screen on the nano says that " charging is not supported with this device " when plugged into the 9887
  4. I got kinda the same drama in my family. My wife and mother do not get along at all. I havent spoken to my mom since I got married in march. Me and dad were still talking here and there... but no more hanging out ..... and we work for the same company, but we dont work together. Well , we should have been home this year for christmas since we spent last christmas with her parents. But, since there is so much tension between all of us, my wife and I went to Panama City, FLA with all of her family this year. I didn't even so much as get a phone call from my father christmas day. Sometimes families are hard to deal with. do what make you happy, and once you are married, do what makes the two of you happy. Once you are married, your wife will come first when it comes to this family drama shit.
  5. Today I shot my pa-in-laws beretta 92FS ( I think that is the model number ) 9mm. It is a little pricey but now, I wish I woulda bought that gun before I purchased my Glock .40 ....Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Glock... but that Beretta was way more accurate and felt better in my hands than my model 22 does.... In a literal side by side comparison. Also Shot a Springfield M1 .308 rifle. Killer weapon.
  6. nasty subs man. wish I had the power to run them...
  7. head units...AWESOME Subs... OKAY amps...PRETTY GOOD mids and highs....well, that depends on what ya spend. I went through two sets of alpine 6x9s ( type R ) before I installed a set of kenwood 6x9s...then I got wise and bought some JL XR comps...
  8. going from this , two layers of dampi pro.... to this on top of that, made the biggest difference of all
  9. If Verizon woulda played ball with apple and got the iPhone, AT&T would be just about out of business , as far as cell phones go.... Verizon didn't want to let apple handle the tech support for the iphone, and AT&T was okay with it, so they won the iphone war.....Possibly the worst corporate business decision we will ever have witnessed in our lives. The rumor is , Apple's contract with AT&T expires in the beginning of next year, so Apple , AT&T, and Verizon are all being very quiet about what will happen once AT&T loses the exclusive right to provide service for the iphone in the US..... As bad as I want the iphone, I REFUSE to use AT&T. The coverage around here is spotty at best. my verizon phone works better than a land line.
  10. She doesn't know what she wants. But here is the bottom line....from a purely logical standpoint....no emotion here....and this may be how you need to shift your thinking if it comes to this. She wants to leave you for him, then she needs to file the papers, pay ALL divorce proceeding expenses...and makes this as painless for you as possible. I agree with another poster on this.... Sometimes, as much as you try, and it sounds like you are, there are just some battles that are already lost before the fight even starts. The fact that she is EVEN considering all of this is what worries me...It's like she is finally getting what she wants, and now she is trying to clean up her mess with you , without trying to be a bitch about it. This dude ruined it once with her, left her and kid all alone, and yet..... she some how wants MORE of this behavior ? Some chicks man.... bat-shit crazy.... ( no offense to your wife ) I just can't see wherre she thinks being with this guy over you is a good thing....????
  11. The only time some one has too much ink is when there aint no more skin left to be covered. Looking good Meade. Kudos on getting the ole girl done or your arm. Classic image, yet very original for a tattoo. That artist seems to know his way around the black and gray work...
  12. I am sure you will get the tethering thing worked out.... But damn, at this point your tahoe is just..... Neat. There isn't really any other way to put it. You are certainly driving around a ONE of a kind setup. It is cool how you have embraced the mac setup. I noticed you haven't been swapping over to windows with it in your vids... The front row program is really neat , I believe you can set it up to play movies in your hard drive that are not in itunes....I haven't tried it yet, but I have read that it can be done. Also, deadening the floor really made a difference in my FJ, but doing the dampi-pro AND the Luxury Liner took out so much more road and tire noise....It just made getting the carpets back in a major PITA. The luxury liner is THICK.
  13. Really looking forward to seeing the panels in and playing. The other trim pieces getting wrapped will be the detail work we always see in your builds. Just like the hoopty. Leave nothing to chance, leave nothing incomplete. This type of work is what sets you above the bar from some of the "pro" builders out there. You do great work Steve. Little off the topic of the tahoe build here .... And the Honda, I am sure I am one of the many that can't wait to see the little Meade show the Big Meade what he has learned over the years. That will be a great thread to keep up with. What is on the to-do list on the hoopty? Or are you just gonna be prepping it for paint and exterior stuff like you mentioned before, or is there new plans for it now?
  14. It will work fine with four 15s.... and when you wanna tear a few heads off with the bass knob, just turn it off. Check around a few dealers.... some of them may be able to run the imprint for you once for a nominal fee, and you can see what it does....
  15. I think I am literally the only guy on here that uses it with my 9887 . I know in all these threads I sound like the damn cheerleader for alpine, but look at this way, with KTX-100EQ , you spend 250 or, if crutchfield still does it, you can rent it for 50 bucks.... ( I would just buy it, I have ran the imprint program 15 or 20 times playing with it ).... It comes out cheaper than buying a RF360, plus a palm pilot or what ever you need to access it, it doesnt require any install work, no brain to mount ( with the 9887 ONLY ) and it takes it about 20 minutes to tune your car. Then you are done. unless you wanna do it again. It blended my system better than I could ever get it, especially with my lacking ownership of a RTA .... Once I ran it a half dozen or twenty times, I figured out the things like mike placement and amp settings ( as well as tweeter crossover setting for my comps ) to get it where I really like it. The whole system really does shine quite nicely considering what I have in my ride... Just listening to the IASCA test CD through all the tests and you can tell the imprint performs it job very well... With all of that being said, there are a few negatives to it, so Its only fair I mention those as well.... First and foremost, the 360 has it beat as far as tuning goes... Meaning, you can actually manipulate each channel in a variety of ways that the imprint simply can not do. But this is where the two draw the line in being very different products. The 360 is designed and programmed for those who like to fine tune each little setting themselves. The alpine is a plug it in, run the program, unplug it, your done kinda tool. Once it does its task, it supplies you with the three tuning graphs you can choose from, and you get to load to of those tuning set ups into your deck. Once it sets those set ups, you cant tweak them in any way. It is designed to do it all for you. Some see this as a good thing and they are okay with it, others wont even consider using it because of this. you need to decide what kind of audiophile you are. Do you want to constantly tweak and adjust? Or do you want to have a computer program do it for you ? Volume .... If you have your amps input voltage ( gains ) set too high, the imprint program will limit your maximum volume to prevent you from damaging your speakers. When the imprint runs, it performs a series of tests with each channel ( FL, FR, RL , RR, SUB in passive , it get more complex if you are running a active set up ) to measure frequency response, time alignment from the microphone, and to put it in simple terms, a clipping test. ... If your amp is sending to much power to your speakers , It will limit your maximum volume to save your speakers. Again, some folks get irritated by this, others, like me, are happy to have this feature built in. Remember, once you load the two imprint tuning graphs into your head unit, you can always turn them off, there by allowing you to tune the system with the 9887's full EQ tuning program. Turning off the imprint doesn't erase your programs.... you can revert back to them anytime you want. Alot off guys turn the imprint off when they bass race , and then turn it back on when they leave the lanes for a more SQ listening experience. The biggest gripe with the imprint though has to be the sub woofer tuning. The imprint trys to blend the subs into the system, and most guys who run more than one sub do so because the like the extra bass in the music. This is where you will end up running the imprint several times. What most people have ending doing is to turn the input voltage down a substantial amount, run the imprint , save the programs into the head unit, and then go back and turn the input voltage back up the correct setting using a volt meter. This actually pretty good results. The tuning assures you that you get bass that sounds blended and properly tuned, because the imprint will run the tests for the subs, detect them, realize they are weak on the volume side, and compensate for that. Once you re adjust the input voltage, you dont risk damaging your subs, and you still can get that bass heavy sound you expect from your system. Again, some see this as a negative, some don't. I know this much. When I turn the imprint off, my subs sound muddy and whompy, for lack of a better term.... and the factory EQ setting of the deck are completely untouched. When I turn it on, they sound completely different. They really fit in well with the rest of the system. Sure, the bass is a bit heavy, but I put two 12s in my truck because that was what I wanted at the time.... ( I wish I woulda went with 15s, but oh well.... ) And If I want more bass, I just push the wheel on the deck, and turn the sub input up to 9 or 10.... maybe 12 or 13 .... and I get more bass.... Again, with the imprint running, your tuning is limited to, treble, bass, fade, balance, and sub woofer input. The imprint will not let you tweak the settings it programs in. I for one am okay with that.... I am thoroughly pleased with the way the system sounds. a side note.... the " folks " and the " people " I refer too in this post are the members of the DIY Mobile Audio Forum .... There is a very long thread there on the imprint. The guy who works for the company that invented the imprint has posted in there and helped alot of us out as far as getting the most out of the imprint tuner. Go over there and read the thread. very informative... http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/member...-ktx-100eq.html
  16. 15 inches is way TOO BIG in a dash man.... That shits is nuts. Some one posted up some pics of a Chrysler 300 with like a 32 or 37 inch screen in it a while back.... What is the point expect for a car under a tent at a car show. What he has is functional, not too over the top, and with the exception of no visible A/C controls, looks like it could kinda be a option from a factory or conversion company. Not that he is concerned with it " looking factory " .... but the screen fits, it flows with the shape of the dash. Good shit man. ( I know you said you got it and all, but I am curious about you r new mounting spot ) Do ya think if you were to floor mount the mini under a seat and in a holster bolted to the floor pan that it might help it be a bit more stable.... since your damn dash ripples like water in your vids, I imagine the console probably shakes a great deal too...
  17. I would be glad too, but I am not gutting all of my interior to film it. I have literally every interior panel , metal and plastic covered with Dampi pro and luxury liner, and over kill and spectrum, but Pulling off a door panel or two wouldn't do it any justice. And the FJ, with its long ass flimsy roof is a great showoff to how well your products work. I don't even want to get rid of my truck because I wouldn't be able to take all the deadening out of it ....
  18. If you dont wanna spend alot of coin , the high end JL comps are pretty nice. I really am quite happy with the sets I have for what I paid for them. I have also heard a 6.5" set of C5 s and the ZRs..... they both sound pretty good. Given the choice of no budget though, I would look for those RE XXX comps, for flat out gettin loud. somebody posted up a video of a 6.5" XXX showing excursion, and it moves better than some subs. They get great reviews all over the web. If you are chasing SQ and wanna shell out the cash, find focals or rainbows or Hertz. I have heard focals, and they sound like what they cost, no question. I have held some hertz comps in my hands, they looked very well made, but I haven't heard them. And rainbow , well I can only be a internet know it all when it comes to those, cause I have only read good things abot them, I haven't seen or heard a set for my self. On a side note, there is a guy in town here who went Boston speaker crazy. He had those comps with the huge ass crossover boxes, boston amps, boston subs, ... basically everything but the head unit and wire was boston. I was very impressed. He just replaced all the factory speakers in a yukon, and had to 12 s in the back. I think they make some really nice equipment.
  19. hahaha....WHAT THA FUCK.....? Gots to love the interwebs !!!! http://www.interiorcrocodilealligator.com/
  20. my 9887 charges mine just fine with this cable http://www.alpine-usa.com/US-en/products/p...?model=KCE-422i
  21. Damn man. Mac Mini, New door panels, New Dash with a touchscreen, new amps, more batteries, enough wire to run power through a city block, new upholstery on them seats, new highs in the doors, and soon to be new subs, add to that new wheels not to long ago, them HUGE brakes and rotors, and that cool ass iphone software that is certainly gonna be game changing technology....well.... almost everything except the VIN number ......heheheheee..... It is damn near gonna be a different vehicle when it is all said and done. Any plans on changing the exterior color while you're at it? good shit Mang. Good Stuff. I like it.
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