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  1. are you selling anymore alpine eqs ?

  2. 37ish % of California is on assistance. I'm sure it varies state to state, but i'll bet the average is pretty close to a 1/3 overall
  3. watched that a few days ago already. just checked my watch history, but it didnt display a date. There are guys who are into woodworking, then there guys like this one who go full retard and just build jigs
  4. I hear ya. Gotta support the brands that support the build. Was the only spot that could be seen without sticking out too much.
  5. It's shitty you can't trust your local basshead family. I had some shit come up missing out of my truck at show. Was enough for me to never bring any tools to help others and really killed the fun of me going to shows all together. Looking back on the timeframe, it all makes sense now. Old time competitor ( Mike Martin) told me at my very 1st comp some 15 years ago to never trust anyone In the sport. His words have rang true more times than I care to remember.
  6. When is the demo party at the shop? We can all stand around like Caltrans workers and watch the new guy do all the work I'll bring a shovel to lean against
  7. I'd suggest a quick little shake down weekend. You would be surprised at the shit you forget in the 1st couple trips out. Sucks to make a long haul out to a spot to spend the 1st half of the trip lookin for a target or a camping supply shop.
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