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  1. are you selling anymore alpine eqs ?

  2. Both are awesome routers. The 7518 will allow you to use bigger bits. The 890 series might big down on some work. Step up to the big boy you will not regret it.
  3. Quick suede wrap and shes done. The trim is held on by screws under the lip of the 6 Sealing these off was exactly what was needed. They get busy now.
  4. Baffle is ready to bolt to the box. Once in, its time to fill the gaps. Makin shop bitch do the dirty work Little bit of cleaning
  5. Time to bring this one back from the dead. This time we decided to do the 8's in a sealed box, while upgrading to the pro 6.5's Basically shooting for everything to fit like this. Some quick rings made The box section in the door was shaped to match the contour of the door skin and inner panel. Simple little stak fab action. Upper section of the sub box. Filled in. Quick test fit. Now to stack some rings for depth. The way the door panel slides on, this part has to be removable
  6. I use almost exclusively whiteside bits. Only bit I don't use is my 1/4 flush trim from Yonico. 10 bucks cheaper and lasts the same amount of time. I go through these one all the time. Joey @12vTools is a great resource for bits
  7. He missed the one free weekend I had in the shop to bring his car in for upgrades, so now he's gotta wait another year.
  8. You might have a better chance being struck by lightning indoors Good luck tho
  9. That wasn't so hard was it. faggot bill likes his own post....... fucking noob. this free tablet I got is a modo with fat fingers
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