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  1. Bend that back out! As long as the internals aren't damaged you're good. It sucks but the way shipping companies treat stuff... it's only cosmetic.
  2. Goddamn Steve, still making the rest of us look like NOOOOOOOb's!! That's awesome right out the gate! I think you need to do a new build when you do GAF (yeah the IS-F is a GAF but I wanta see more subs, van?)!!! Keep it up man.
  3. People who take an obvious joke seriously and give you a lecture on why you are wrong and a bad person.
  4. Thanks for the reply. If the SA-6.5's are as good as everyone says, I will be eagerly awaiting the NS-6.5's!
  5. From the reviews I've read, I know I'll be happy with them!
  6. Thanks for the replies. I am not ready to drop that kinda cash on a set yet, so if that is true I might have to wait a while on those and just order the SA's now.
  7. Any word on a reference set of components? I am about to buy a component set and am thinking of going with the SA-6.5CS's, but I remember Jacob saying he was working on adding a "reference set" to the line up. Just wanted to know about the possibilities before I pull the trigger on the SA's.
  8. He's lucky because he has parents that care what he drives and that bought him a good vehicle. I got good grades growing up, but I still had to work my ass off to buy my own car. My parents didn't have the money to buy a car for me, which is why he is lucky. Lookin' good Steve.
  9. Talk about Carma... earlier some punk kid stole my parking space at a very busy gas station. A space opened up right next to this kids truck, so I parked there. The kid and his friend went inside while my girlfriend and I went to the Red Box that was outside. We got our movies and then walked back to my car. I looked down and radiator fluid was pouring out of the kids truck! That was priceless.

  10. Got my first taste of White Clouds today with my system and more Decaf is definifely on the way!!

  11. After 8 months I have BASS again!!!

    1. Kyblack76


      nice....... i know how ya feel... well, wilth out it...

  12. Damn it! I forgot about the discount with my recent order, Oh well, I'll have more stuff to order from you soon, I'll use it next time. Thanks for getting my order to me fast!!
  13. I've never had a line out convertor or a processor, does this differ from the 3sixty.3 in that the 3sixty.3 gives you complete tuning control of all your channels and this just allows you to run amps with the factory head unit?
  14. Bigislandboy bought my second AA Mayhem. He was easy to work and communicate with also sent payment fast through PayPal. Would definitely do business with him again.
  15. Shortwide1994 bought one of my AA Mayhems. I received payment within minutes of giving him my PayPal address. I had no trouble contacting him and he responded promptly to all my pm's.
  16. Like this but 1 ohm instead of 1.5 ohms. For a total load of 1 ohm, not .7 ohms
  17. Without specifics it's impossible to see how much your electrical can handle, but with your amp running a load that low, I'm gunna say you don't have enough. Why not run the amp at a .7 Ohm load? Like I said I don't know anything about that amp and am too lazy to look up specs right now, but it should still have plenty of power for the two Mayhems at .7 Ohms.
  18. What is your electrical like?
  19. I don't know anything about that amp, but is it stable or recommended to run that low?
  20. If you went with the 240A alternator, you'd need roughly 200 ah in your batteries. Just measure your stock battery and see what is offered by XS with those dimensions, or measure the stock battery location to see what you can squeeze in there. Subtract the under hood battery ah to see what you will need for the second battery. I'd go with the XP serries for the second battery if you aren't going to be burping your system in competitions.
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