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  1. I am lookin to do quite a bit of Glassing for reinforcement on my first wall build.... Autozone is the only place I know to buy it for $50 a big jug, other than some stuff on Amazon that was really cheap, 15 bucks for the same size big jug. Is there such a thing as bad resin? Anyways, where are you guys getting your resin and for how much? Thanks
  2. Ive not had much luck with tuning .... Last box I did was 6 American Bass dx 12's in 11.9 net internal tuned 33hz with 174in2 or port area and it simply would not play anything under 35 without losing all efficiency. Given the subs are low excursion, low BL, and average F3..... Seems like it should have been able to play lower. Not to get off topic though. How do you design your enclosure to play in certain frequency ranges if so many things change from paper to real life application?
  3. So..... a big giant port will raise my F3 of the enclosure? Because that does not sound desirable... I know you guys are giving excellent info, but is there any physics behind it to prove any of the lore stated above? Most of all... will it even make a noticeable difference when applied to a real world scenario?
  4. So .... I take it as it does not matter? long as it's at least big enough?
  5. I know you can have too little port area, less than 15in2 per 1ft3..... But often times I see ultra large ports in walled builds. I'm currently designing a 4th order for 2 18s and want to be able to get in through the loading wall to mount the subs. Ported side looks like it's gonna be 12ft3 and a port big enough to fit in is at least 300in2. Just wondering if it would do anything other than help control excursion maybe from restricted air movement, if that's even the case. It just sounds logical to me.
  6. id just ask man Worst they could say is no ask some popular companies and see what they say
  7. i would suggest a brake upgrade.... All the extra weight will cause problems when you go to stop lol but some good shocks would provably be the only thing id suggest
  8. Basicly those are hot spots If those are not new rotors then they might be slightly distorted causing high spots that will heat up more than the rest of the rotor this would cause the discoloration Do you have a shake of anything while braking?
  9. Any experienced box builders wanna throw in their 2 cents? Really really want some input here. There will be pics when I get around to building if that's any incentive.
  10. how about this one? More reasonable looking curve and volumes. Cabin gain picks up around 50 so it should still be fairly balanced. Edit: The box rise says that I'll be rising to almost 4 ohms at 32 hz.... will this make cut all my power at that freq?
  11. Specs on the box are in the picture. On the right there is the ported box I have mocked up to compare to the 4th order on the right. 45 cubes is a bit large sounding though for net volume. I'll keep plugging and taking suggestions. thanks Edit: For lower tuning, shouldn't the sealed side be the large half? This is what I have heard at least.... also what kind of port tuning should I shoot for? I'm getting very peaky curves that are not looking so good in the upper 20s, which is where I want things to be strong still. Anything in the 28-40 hz region is where I want my meat and taters spl to come from.
  12. Hows this look? I lost output in the bass I dont care for..... But as you can see it's peaking at 30 and stays flat.... Have almost no box rise either untill it gets down in the mid to low 20s
  13. Getting situated here with my money, but trying to get seriously low with as little money/power as possible. The Plan: 6 American Bass XO 15s Sundown SAZ 3000 Excessive Amperage 200a alt 2 C&DUPS12-540MR batteries As for the 4th order. This will be my first, and my first wall as well. I would appreciate it so so much if some of the experts would view this and help me out here. I'm trying to get a ground pounder that is as low as possible. I am NOT after burps, I'd much rather shake my vehicle apart and make hair fly. So please, If your experienced in building walls/4th orders especially, can you help me out. Ive been playing around with WinISD and cant come up with anything too crazy but compared to the ported. Ive done nothing but research on 4th orders for about a week and I guess I'm just missing something. Unless I make my numbers absolutely ridiculous I cant get a curve that looks desirable. The reason I'm wanting XO's is their fs. But is my goal achievable with that Sub? or am I just being silly by thinking that factor alone will make for a ultra low setup?
  14. I tried to go somewhere yesterday and my battery is dead..... I have a stock alt too and I think my voltage drop over and over and over again killed my battery.... I would drop some dough on a 150 amp alt. I'm saving for one now. Lucky for me I have a kinetic 2400 red battery that was in the back so I'm using it to jump start myself now. :/ lifes a bitch then you die... get an alt dude.
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